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Our Favorite Fall Picks – Rolex

Our Favorite Fall Picks – Rolex

The fall season, also known as the autumn season, is the season between summer and winter, marked by the changing of color in leaves as the temperatures gradually decrease. There is quite a variety of watches that would be perfect for this weather, and you do not have to worry about them being affected by the climate. We take a look at the top 5.

Cosmograph Daytona: This is an Oyster, 40mm, 18CT yellow gold watch, designed for endurance racing drivers as an ultimate timing tool, with a tachymetric scale to measure average speed over given distances, with over 72 hours’ endurance. The gold alloys of the waterproof model are formed and shaped meticulously, paying attention to quality and details, as the watch is known for its prestige and high value.

Lady-Datejust: This watch is an oyster, 28mm, 18CT everose gold, with a diamond-paved dial that enchants the wearer while enhancing the watch. The emblematic model is a feminine watch that has accurate timekeeping and a byword for style. The sparkling symphony has precise alignment and proportions of the gems, and its intricate metalwork finishing will have your wrist stand out in the fall weather.

GMT-Master 11: The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, 40mm, 18 CT everose gold, has a brown and black 24-hour rotating Cerachrom bezel, and a black dial. It is known for its versatile and robust appearance and its design of showing two different time zones at the same time. The cosmopolitan watch was initially developed for professionals crisscrossing the globe like long-haul pilots as their navigation instrument. Its instantly recognizable aesthetics and peerless functionality have made a preference for many travelers around the world.

Milgauss: The Oyster 40mm, Oystersteel, is recognizable at a glance. Its evocative orange second hand has the shape of a lightning bolt, a black dial with luminescent hour markers, and a green sapphire crystal exclusive to the Milgauss watch. The unique crystal produces light reflections for optimal legibility, which is fade and scratch proof. The Oyster bracelet offers alchemy of function and form, and its Oystersteel is highly corrosion resistant. Do not worry about wearing it in fall as the watch has a screw-down, twin lock winding crown as a double waterproofness system of up to 330 feet/100 meters.

Cellini Dual Time: The 39mm, 18CT everose gold has brown guilloche dial, luxurious leather straps, and double bezel. It has a polished finish and displays two-time zones simultaneously. The watch has gold facetted sword hands for extra elegance required for the tuxedo/dress watches, it is less bulky and smoother, with integrated lugs and straight case bands, and a slim fluted bezel. It has water resistance to 165 feet/50 meters. This watch comes with a vintage feel.

4 Facts Every Watch Lover Should Know About Used Rolex

The company is not Swiss Born

Used Rolex is undoubtedly one of the best that the Swiss industry produces, and it is the name that comes to mind when you ask a watch lover about Swiss watch brands. As much as this is currently true, the company was born in London, Great Britain, by Hans Wilsdorf, a German, where they operated for 14 years under Wilsdorf and Davis name. They would then move to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1919, as it presented the best option in the production of watch parts.

It is a discreet yet a massive innovator

The Swiss watch company is an influential innovator, always registering dozens every year and focusing on user-friendly and practical inventions with “one watch, one purpose” function concept in mind. Some of the most notable innovations by the company are: The first manufacturer of wristwatches to receive chronometer certification in 910. The first to manufacture a waterproof wristwatch in 1931, which was also dust and humidity proof. The first to introduce a wristwatch with a perpetual rotor in 1931. The first to manufacture a watch with a date display window that would change automatically at midnight. First 904L stainless steel watch since 1985.

Used Rolex makes almost everything in-house

The watch company is a virtually integrated manufacturer, making everything in house but for the synthetic sapphire crystals and dial hands, which makes it truly independent. They invest highly in their processes and techniques, a tightly-held trade secret that has been hard to replicate. It also has well-equipped science labs that research new watches and things that may go into them and efficient and effective manufacturing techniques. They have an in-house factory where they make their gold and platinum, and control the production and machining of their metals, gold included. This way, they can ensure they have the best looking parts and of strict quality.

Their Waterproof dive watches are tested individually

Its dive watches, Deep Sea watch and the used Rolex Submarines, are first tested in an air-pressure tank to check if air does leak in, then use a complex system with the watches placed in large water tubes or tanks to test their resistance to water up to 300 meters. The deep-sea watches take over an hour to measure each watch in a pressure tank that is equivalent to 2,000 meters deep.

The used Rolex brand exudes an absolute sense of reliability, confidence, and dignity. They observe strict manufacturing processes from the making of base materials, hand-assembling, and individual testing for quality assurance for quality compliance and efficiency.


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