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The Best Rolex to Wear While Swimming in the Ocean

The Best Rolex to Wear While Swimming in the Ocean

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A nice used Rolex watch is much more than a timepiece; it is a fashion statement, status symbol, and more. Did you know that most Rolexes offer water resistance?

That means you might be able to take yours to the Ocean next time you go for a swim. How resistant it is to water depends on which model you have. They are not all made equal, but some have extreme water resistance.

Rolex is the brand that introduced the world to the concept of the water-resistant watch when they first created the iconic Rolex submariner decades ago.

Water Resistance Technology

Used Rolex watches that display the word oyster on their case have water resistance. Oyster refers to the special hermetic seal that is created when the watches are made. Not all of them are equal, though. If a Rolex has the words oyster, you can be sure it is water-resistant to a minimum of 100 meters below sea level. There are even better water-resistant watches, but it depends on the model.

Ocean Swimming Safest Exercise In Florida Currently

Right now in Florida, there are few outdoor activities that are still safe to partake in due to the explosion of COVID cases.

If you are dying to get out of the house for some physical activity, go for a swim at the beach. It is still possible to effectively socially distance yourself and exercise out there at the right time.

Top Rolex Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch for Ocean Swimming

Now that you are sold on the idea of taking your used Rolex for a swim, let’s look at which used Rolex models are the best to take out in the Ocean with you.

Remember, while all used Rolex watches offer some water resistance, not all offer the same protection level.

The following four are all water-resistant to at least a minimum of 100 meters underwater with the top choice having resistance to a staggering 12 thousand feet below sea level.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller is the most water-resistant watch in the world. It is capable of reaching the bottom of the marinas trench, the lowest elevation on earth, returning to the surface, and it will still keep on working.

Each of these watches is put through special testing procedures to verify it is resistant up to 16 thousand feet underwater. They place the watch in a hyperbaric chamber to test its response to pressure increases, at the peak of the test the watch experience over 4 tons of crushing pressure and manages to escape unscathed.

That is a seriously impressive watch for swimming.

The secret that makes it so much more resistant than the other version of the Sea-Dweller watch is the helium escape valve built into the watch.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

This is the second most water-resistant watch model produced by used Rolex. It is similar to the other Sea-Dweller, but it does not have the helium escape valve.

It is still an oyster perpetual watch offering water resistance up to 4000 feet below the pretty unlikely the average swimmer would ever approach that depth so you’ll never need to worry about messing this watch up when you swim in the ocean.

Also, as long as it stays on your wrist, it will work when you get out of the water or give back to you.

This Guarantee is just one more example of how confident Rolex is in the watches they manufacture.

Rolex Submariner

The original waterproof diving watch was the Rolex Submariner. It is still considered to be one of the most, if not the most, iconic timepieces ever produced. People covet these, and the originals are worth more today than when they were brand new.

While the Sea-Dweller series of watches have since supplanted the submariner, it still offers impressive water resistance. It is an IP6 rated device with water resistance guaranteed to at least 300 meters below the surface or close to 1000 feet. While significantly less than even the lite version of the Sea-Dweller but still so deep, only the greatest freedivers in the world could hope to damage the watch while swimming underwater.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

This is a little further down on the list. The used Rolex Oyster Perpetual only offers resistance to water at depths of 100 meters or less. Still a pretty good dive but finally getting to the territory where it would be feasible for the average person to dive that far down. If you own one of these, it is still perfectly fine to go for an oceanic swim.

Just make sure you stay near the surface and definitely don’t attempt to break any free diving records until you have this model safely stowed away somewhere dry.

Final Thoughts Regarding Swimming in the Florida Ocean While Wearing a Rolex Watch

In Florida, the current situation is becoming dire with COVID 19 exploding to levels not seen anywhere in the world so far. It is important to remain vigilant and adhere to social distancing guidelines. That does not mean you cannot ever enjoy some fresh air or Florida’s beautiful beaches. Wearing a Rolex while you go down to the sandy shores is just a cherry on top.

If you are beginning to have difficulty sticking with social distance guidelines, you should start getting out of the house more. That does not mean you need to start socializing, though.

All along the entire state, there are plenty of beaches that do not stay packed year-round. Go there early in the morning or late in the evening with your Rolex to find some of the best places in the world to swim in the Ocean while wearing a watch.

Getting out of the house for exercise regularly will make it much more bearable to continue adhering to social distancing guidelines until we have finally made it past this crisis.


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