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Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

Are you on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring? Well, look no further. Today we’re discussing the top 10 engagement ring trends of 2019. An engagement ring is more than just a sparkle of affection. An engagement ring is a symbol of love, honor, and commitment. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re more of a rose-gold setting type or an east-west style emerald, your ring should match your personality. That being said, get your Pinterest boards ready. Here are our top 10 engagement ring trends of 2019.

1. Mixed metals

Mixed metals have made their way to engagement rings. Ashley Zhang says, “When you use a white metal like platinum for the diamond setting, it makes the stone really pop and also accentuates the yellow gold even more.” This is why we’ve recently seen a spike in the trend and mixed metals are growing more and more popular.

2. Pear-shaped stones

In 2018 we slowly saw a rise in pear-shaped stones. Now 2019 has officially been named the year of the pear. Pear-shaped engagement ring stones out a signature twist on the traditional style. And they can be used in conjunction with any setting or band.

3. Yellow gold settings

Yellow gold settings are back and better than ever before. 2019 brides to be are turning to the same metal that graced their mothers’ and grandmothers’ rings. But once you add a unique center stone and a splash of your personal style you’ll see just how far we’ve come from one generation to the next. 

4. Vintage-antique rings

Up next on our list are vintage and antique-inspired engagement rings.  More and more brides are falling for vintage style rings to help bring the history to their new love story. “People are looking for intricate engraving, accent diamonds, and other details that take the ring beyond a simple solitaire,” says Ashley Zhang.

5. White gold settings

Engagement rings with white gold settings have a distinctive quality. They’re often warmer than platinum settings and stand out in a subtle way making them a great choice for a ring in 2019.

6. Double bands

Number six on our list of top engagement ring trends for 2019 is the double band trend. Double bands are a modern twist on the classic solitaire ring. They have a delicate split design that helps to perfectly frame the center stone which makes them a recommended choice for any style.

7. Multi-stone rings

Ever since Meghan Markle was spotted with her gorgeous three-stone ring from Prince Harry, multi-stone rings have been on the rise. From vintage-inspired to art deco silhouettes multi-stone rings give engagement rings a serious stature as we see this trend on the rise. 

8. Fashion-forward settings

If you’re looking for a classic twist on a traditional band or engagement ring, a unique band can really make your ring feel fashionable. A criss-cross setting is a perfect example. Paired with a round stone and micro pavé details on a dramatic, twisting band can really add some flair to your personal style in 2019.

9. Unusual shapes

We talked a little bit about pear-shaped diamond but there are so many more shapes to consider when it comes to engagement rings. From the half moon diamond to stackable bands and open rings, these designs are really deviating the classic ring.

10. Colored accented diamonds


Brides are starting to incorporate more colored accented diamonds into their engagement rings. In 2019 we will see more and more colors from brides all over. From white gold to yellow gold and unusual fashion-forward shapes any ring will look great with colored accented diamonds.

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These are just some of the amazing engagement ring trends for 2019. If you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect ring for yourself or for your partner, consider making a trip to the store and having one of our experts help you. Our team of diamond advisers is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the perfect engagement ring with ease and confidence. 

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