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Tiffany Showcase at Harrods Sparks Imagination

Tiffany Showcase at Harrods Sparks Imagination

Harrods, world renowned department store located in the UK, is set to feature a spectacular Tiffany & Co. jewelry collection, known as Color and Splendor Collection. This exciting fusion of brands from across the globe makes it clear that fine jewelry is appreciated without boundaries. This limited-edition capsule collection sparks the imagination and desire of jewelry lovers worldwide. Harrods anticipates this huge fan base will garner a lot of attention. Tiffany’s 175th anniversary  is the perfect occasion to applaud such a successful brand. You are guaranteed to love it, whether you see it in person or just from photos.

The Tiffany brand has long been a symbol of quality, luxury, and fine craftsmanship. These are qualities that consumers value and are motivated to purchase. It doesn’t matter if you have a casual Tiffany charm bracelet or a fine Tiffany diamond engagement ring, each connects you to the great history and high standards this jewelry house promotes. This type of allegiance to a style is what all businesses and designers strive to achieve. Ultimately, the public has shown their support and loves the style created by Tiffany.

The event at Harrods spans from August 11-24 and is poised to be a major attraction for the department store. These pieces are typically reserved for the high aristocrats and the richest buyers, but just viewing a collection like this can move you to make a purchase – something that meets your budget and fits your style. Most important is that you feel good when you put on that great piece of jewelry.

This Tiffany capsule collection at Harrods is an event that gives jewelry customers like you the incentive to purchase designer jewelry, wherever you may be located. Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida is home to many luxury jewelry brands – a sales associate can clearly point out the differences and value of each brand and piece of jewelry. Owning a little sparkle is a perfect way to keep a direct connection to something bigger than yourself. Brands like Tiffany have been around for almost 200 years and this reminds you of the timeless element to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

When you are looking for that perfect gift of jewelry for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or holiday, it’s best to visit a local jeweler. Jewelry is the type of item that you have to see in person and only then can you truly appreciate its special quality. It’s also valuable to learn the different values of each brand and select one that fits your own beliefs. Once you find the perfect match, don’t let it get away – make that purchase quick. One of the most special things about buying fine jewelry is that it lasts forever and it’s the perfect momento to keep in the family. It’s precisely this interconnection of values, history and family that you’ll discover at Raymond Lee Jewelers in South Florida.


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