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Billionaire Vodka Proposes a $3.7 Million Toast

Billionaire Vodka Proposes a $3.7 Million Toast

The advertisements for one of the world’s most expensive drinks claims that, “It’s good to be the king.” That must be true, because you might just need to be royalty in order to afford a sip of the newest luxury product from the Leos Verres Luxury Group. Le Billionaire Vodka has just been launched, and promises to tantalize the super rick much like the groups previous best seller Le Billionaire Champagne. Surprisingly, despite the outrageious price of Le Billionaire Champagne, it sold out completely. Part of the appeal of Verres products is that all items are created in limited edition. No matter how popular the item may be, The Leos Verres Luxury Group, will only produce a certain amount of the product. This created demand adds to the hype of the product. However, with so many amazing aspects to Le Billionaire Vodka, the hype is legitimate.

Le Billionaire Vodka is reported to be the one of the world’s smoothest, purest vodka’s on the planet. The drink is created from an exclusive Russian recipe which uses only the finest Russian grown wheat, and specially filtered water. To make sure that this luxury drink is truly fit for royalty, before the water is used in the actually product it is meticulously filtered through diamonds. The water literally flows over some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds.

The luxurious process does not stop there however. In order to make sure that this vodka is distilled to the Verres standards, special distillery equipment constructed using diamond filters is also used during certain steps of the process.

If you think that is enough diamonds, you are wrong. In fact most of the incredible 3.7 million dollar price tag per bottle of this royal alcohol could be attributed to the bottle in which in the liquor is stored. There are estimated to be three thousand diamonds studding the exquisite bottle which is also lined with faux white fur. Verres being the animal’s rights activist that he is, declined to use real fur, though many think it would have made the product even more glamourous.

For some of the more common folk, Verres will be making a slightly cheaper version of their Billionaire Vodka available. The more moderate version will be a smaller 0.5 liter bottle and free of diamonds, Swarovski crystals instead will stud this version. The true Le Billionaire Vodka will be available in select bars, lounges and restaurants around the globe.

Creating insanely expensive alcoholic beverages is not a new trend, and vodka is among favorites of luxury distillers. Coming in at a close second to the Le Billionaire Vodka would be the Russo- Baltique which reportedly can be purchased for an easy 1.35 million. Even this authentic Russian blend does not distill with diamonds though.

Verres has made it his business to bring to the world some of the most luxurious products on the globe. This newest member of the Verres family is sure to leave a lasting impression on not only vodka lovers, but for all who love to dream big.


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