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The Cartier Royal Collection

The Cartier Royal Collection

Cartier at the Bienalle

The Arts in Paris Bienalle takes place every two years. From its inception in 1962, the object of the event was to, according to the founders, “create an event where the beauty of the objects displayed would rival that of the women who would visit the exhibition.” Though every year — though it happens only every two — at the Bienalle is a display of the world´s greatest craftsmanship in fine jewelry, this year may be special even by Bienalle standards.

Cartier will most certainly be one of the intriguing stands this year. While there are very few details — other than a few photographs that have been floated around the internet, — Cartier has promised to unveil, “an exceptional High Jewelry collection of around a hundred dazzling creations that showcase Cartier´s passion for exceptional stones.”

What Cartier Has in Store for Us… Rumor has It

The Suite of Jewels

This simple collection – seen above – of cut, but unbound, stones includes a teardrop diamond of almost 20 carats, a ruby cut shaped similarly and sistered with three others, a psychedelic orange, green and blue opal and seven individually cut and sized Colombian rainforest emeralds are priceless together in the hearts of the romantic and lusting.

Royal Pearl

Suspected to have been harvested from the Persian Gulf, the pearl is 8.3 grams, has a teardrop shape and a color of stormy silver which, when lit, shows sensational shades of gray and metallic hue.

Tear Drop Diamond

With a shape and beauty such as could move love eternal as easily as tear kings from country, the diamond is 30 carats of simply profound. The beauty of this stone alone could make bad men repent and angels thieves.

The Cornflower-Blue Sapphire

Nearly 30 carats, the sapphire is a deep, still-water blue. The prism spectacle of the stone is mysteriously mesmerizing in an alluring cushion shape.

The Andes Emerald

The portrait shaped cut of this South American goddess is breath-taking in is exceptional symmetry. With steep cut sides and interior frame born of light fragmentation, the center of the stone creates a pyramid shaped refraction.

26.6 Carat Colombian Emerald

The shape of this stone´s cut is so unique that it is difficult to decide from what vantage to look at it. On the surface, it resembles a shallow, deep-forest pool with colors and changes appearing just below the surface. From the side, the emerald´s cut is as diverse and complex as any stone in the Cartier Bienalle collection.

Burmese Valley Pigeon Blood Ruby

Captivatingly dark, this Ruby from Mogok is cut with strikingly contrasting light which is most noticeable in the star-burst blazing around the center of the stone. That brilliance is offset by the almost night black depths of portions of the stone´s exterior. But, in opposite spectrum, the depths of the edges voids are put-off by color rises in the periphery that shine candy apple.

The Australian Opal

With the most remarkable color combination of any stone in the collection, the oval weighs almost 58 carats. Blues, greens, purples and violets dance around a fiery sunset of oranges, yellows, reds and pink. In the right light, this opal may be the most enchanting stone from anywhere in the world in the entire Cartier Bienalle collection.

Suffice it to say, Cartier is putting on a show at the Bienalle.


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