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Tiffany 175th Anniversary Celebrations

Tiffany 175th Anniversary Celebrations

 Tiffany & Co. celebrate their 175th year in 2012 and the jewelry design icon is looking better than ever. The jewelry giant first famously opened their doors in 1837 in New York City and gained international recognition after shining at the 1867 Paris World’s Fair. They’ve adorned some of the most influential Americans with their diamonds (Vanderbilts, Astors, Whitneys) and they celebrated in style, as expected, by sharing the beauty of their signature Tiffany Diamond around the world.

Anniversary celebrations took place in Tokyo, Beijing and Dubai, before returning home to New York City.  The 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond was the famously stunning star of each evening.  Tiffany debuted the stone in a platinum and diamond necklace setting that took over a year to design and create. The brilliant Diamond, whose origins date back to the 1800’s, is featured among 481 radiant stones and was meticulously handcrafted to commemorate this milestone in the legendary jewelry designers’ already sparkling history.

Tiffany keeps the party going with their 2012 collection, Tiffany Enchanted.  Inspired by 19th-century garden gates, the pieces are delicate and ornate, featuring 18 karat rose gold, yellow and/or classic diamonds.  Symmetry and the beauty of nature are important themes for this new collection; formal gardens and their natural yet contrived beauty are a source of inspiration. Tiffany partners with New York’s Central Park Conservancy and is committed to protecting nature and The Tiffany Enchanted collection is meant to be a reflection of their environmentally conscious efforts.

On August 1st, Tiffany will also debut their RUBEDO™ metal in celebration of their birthday. This achievement would not be the company’s first successful attempt at metallurgy; Tiffany’s was awarded the grand prize for silver craftsmanship at the 1867 Paris World’s Fair, igniting their immutable popularity.  The company would eventually go on to set jewelers standards for silver and other precious metals.

The RUBEDO™ pieces have a rosy complexion and feature the jeweler’s founding year, a design element they are referring to as the Tiffany 1867. The stunning RUBEDO™ collection includes cuffs, hoops earrings, various rings, pendants, necklaces and charms. Each piece is engraved with founder Charles Lewis Tiffany’s signature – a symbolic detail suited for the celebration of their incredible 175th year.



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