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Spotlight on: Vintage Omegas

Spotlight on: Vintage Omegas

vintage omegas

Omega watches have been in the making since 1848 when Louis Brandt began to assemble them using pieces made by local craftsman. That’s 164 years worth of Omega watches, each unique in its style and function.  Omega has been known as the pioneer in watchmaking and has created a large variety of watches from the first watch for the sight impaired which features textured points that could be read with the fingers to the first Olympic timekeeper. Omega produced the first industrially made wristwatch in the world which appeared in 1900 and also produced watches for the U.S Army during World Wars I and II. The Omega watch was also the first watch on the moon since Neil Armstrong wore an Omega Speedmaster chronograph on July 20th 1969 when he first landed.

With Omega’s collection of vintage watches you could trace the origins of the contemporary Omega watch. The Omega vintage watch became popular in 2007 when a themed auction featured only the classical timepieces. Since then a store has opened at the Burlington Arcade in London which features only Omega classical timepieces. These watches date back to the late 1800’s and can offer a classical style that will surely impress your 21st century friends. According to Omega it is popular for fans to buy watches produced in their birth year. If you find you want to turn back time then look into the era’s past, vintage Omegas have a great deal to offer.

Vintage Omega 14K Automatic Movement Watch, vintage omega watch


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