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Fabulous Summer Jewelry Trends

Fabulous Summer Jewelry Trends

The summer is almost over, but the jewelry trends of the summer seem like they are here to stay! Summer evokes bright, bold colors and jewelry that are sure to catch your eye. The color blocking trend was big in fashion this spring and the trend dripped over into summer jewelry. Colors are a fun way for every girl to express their emotions and personality and can compliment any outfit, from an already colorful outfit to a plain black or white dress.

As more people anticipated the summer, they anticipated the beach and all its beautiful natural colors. Summer has seen the coming of turquoise, light blues, and sea foam green jewelry. From celebrities to models, everyone wants in on those beach-y colors.

Turquoise & Oceanic Colors

18K Yellow Gold Checkerboard Lemon Quartz and Blue Topaz Ring

Oversized necklaces are an eye popping complement to any outfit. It looks great with other simple jewelry.

Oversized Necklaces

Italian 18K Gold Panther Design Bold Link Necklace

Having a busy hand gives many women the opportunity to show off their favorite pieces of jewelry on one hand, from rings to bracelets to watches.

Multiple Rings & Bracelets

rose gold bangle, white gold bangle yellow gold bangle, gold bangles set

Tribal jewelry adds a nice sense of authenticity with the surge of tribal prints that’s been running wild through the younger crowd.

Tribal Jewelry

18K Gold Diamond Royal Blue and Parrot Green Enamel Ring


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