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How to Choose an Engagement Ring in 5 Steps

How to Choose an Engagement Ring in 5 Steps

So, you’ve finally decided to take the next step in your relationship with your girlfriend. You have the event planned perfectly; the place, time of day, what you’ll wear, what you’ll say. But when you finally get down on your knee and present the ring to her, what do you envision? Have you even thought about how to choose an engagement ring- the perfect ring for your perfect woman? Don’t fret; here are a few guidelines to follow when narrowing your selection. These 5 easy steps will tell you how to choose an engagement ring in the simplest, most classic way.

    1. Typically, a man will choose a ring that is equal to one to two months of his salary. Keep in mind, this is not a requirement, just a starting place for a realistic budget. Your final choice is only limited to your comfort level, taste and imagination.Verragio Two Tone Floral Halo Engagement ring
  1. The best place to start during your search is to find out her tastes. This doesn’t have to be a challenge. Ask her family and friends for ideas; observe the type of clothing and jewelry she wears. Check out her Pinterest! Is her taste flashy, traditional or contemporary?Classic three stone emerald cut diamond ring
  2. When deciding on a ring, it is always important to consider the practicality of the ring. Is she outdoorsy and active? Choose a lower setting (meaning a lower head – click here to read more about the parts of an engagement ring) to avoid any mishaps; you wouldn’t want your symbol of love to get caught on something and knocked out now, would you? A higher setting will be just fine for a woman who is less active and a bit of a “fashionista.”Gabriel NY Engagement ring
  3. Look for a ring that is out of the ordinary. This is a special ring; it has meaning to it, so it should be beautifully unique. This is an engagement ring that she will cherish and wear for the rest of your life together.Emerald Cut diamond with emerald halo
  4. Finally, purchase the ring. Buy it close to your planned proposal to minimize risk – both of her finding her surprise in your sock drawer, and the risk of having an expensive (and uninsured) diamond lying around.Gabriel NY Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these guidelines, the search should be simple. The ring you give to your future wife should be incredible and make your love story one to remember.


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