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The Rolex Experience in Shanghai

The Rolex Experience in Shanghai

Rolex is bringing its beautiful Rolex Experience to Shanghai, China. Located on over 800 square meters in the House of Roosevelt, the ground floor windows that face the street are not a facade to a retail store. This Rolex Experience shows off the brand’s luxury heritage in one of the largest luxury watch markets in the world. This experience will show every visitor the philosophy, legacy, and superiority that this brand embodies.

In the first stage, Heart, visitors will explore through an interactive walk-through and see the different stations of the Rolex Experience–Heritage, Four Sites for Perfection, the Oyster, Performance, Partnerships, and the Rolex Institute, which is the non-commercial sector. This stage is where the history of this affluent timepiece, designed by Hans Wilsdorf will be shown. There is top of the line technology to appeal to every visitor. There is panoramic video, plasma screens, infrared menus, 3D animations, and directional speakers. This tour goes through the history of the luxury brand.

The Pulse is where there will be temporary exhibits featuring celebrity appearances, special presentations, and the display of certain Rolex models. It claims to “pulse with the rhythm of China in a dynamic and evolving space.” Temporary exhibits will be thematic, and will likely be accompanied by people known for their culture, sport, or world travels.

The Gallery will make an impression that you will be sure to remember. It is an intimate and relaxed setting with over 200 time pieces on display. These will be grouped by function, and will be displayed with soft lighting that will show off all of the beautiful features of every time piece shown. The Gallery is where visitors will be introduced to new and different features on the different lines of Rolex timepieces, and will be able to look at and appreciate the different facets of the unusually elegant and exceptional watches. Both styles, sporty and elegant will be displayed while their timeless beauty is featured.


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