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For over 140 years now, a journey that began in the quaint Swiss village of La Côteaux-Fées remains strong. Piaget watches did not happen by accident. The Piaget brand itself had its roots fixed in the craft of movement creation. However, this change into watchmaking indeed is a perfect step in the ideal direction. You can tell from the caliber of Piaget watches over the years Without a doubt, the Piaget brand is to thank for some of the most ingenious, cutting-edge impacts in early watchmaking. And, their impacts still reflect on the market today. Their special niche is in the realm of ultra-thin movements. Still, this model of genuine luxury artistry is again unmatched in the area of Haute joaillerie.

Introducing The Piaget Brand

Only a few watchmakers can dominate the watchmaking industry presently having done so for over a century. Only a few of the present bigwigs possess such an illustrious history as the Piaget brand.  Nevertheless, it is safe to say that every brand had its upshot at a particular period. This is the exact time they hit the limelight. More so, every successful business began with a backstory and a mission. For manufacturers, there was a justification for production.  For the Piaget brand, the period that marks the start of their authority is the fourth generation in the 1960s. Initially, the Piaget brand had a humble start in the late 19th century. Piaget was only a movements-manufacturing business. Furthermore, the time came for that much-needed development. This development greeted the fire and uprising that rewrote the brand’s story. Now, there are several Piaget watches conquering the watch market since the 1960s.

A Succinct Backstory Of The Piaget Brand

The Piaget brand began operations in 1874. The brand’s operations started right in the Swiss Jura mountains. To be precise, it was in the small village of La Côte-aux-Fées. From there, Georges-Édouard Piaget ignited the fire and enthusiasm for what will go on to be a dominant brand. Additionally, Georges-Édouard Piaget realized his passion for watchmaking at a very young age. Hence, in 1874, the whole passion rose in the hearts of a 19-year-old young man. Subsequently, he built his first workshop right on his family farm. Picking up from there, the brand’s journey to fame started. Right in that workshop, the commitment to creating high-precision movements and parts began. More so, the vision and drive of the company have recently begun since then. From that time onwards, the brand held on to the catchphrase to “always do better than necessary” With the level of success the Piaget brand recorded, we can say that this was enough encouragement. It helped the brand to develop that independent and continuously believing spirit. Thereafter, this spirit continued to be a steady inspiration for the Piaget brand till today.  Overall, from La Côte-aux-Fées, a brand came forth to set a standard in the world of watchmaking. Right from a farm, the journey went on to the Atelier. All the way, the endless drive for excellence never changed. And this is obvious in Piaget watches over the years.

The Big Move By The Piaget Brand That Introduced Piaget Watches

The shift by the Piaget brand into jewelry didn’t happen until the 4th generation of the brand’s ownership. This jewelry area is what now makes up a third of the company’s sales. As mentioned above, it started under the management of a fourth-generation member of the family. That was under the leadership of Yves G Piaget. After his appointment as the company president in 1980, Yves’ impacts raked through the entire industry. His impacts touched on the firm first in the 1960s and ’70s as well as the entire watchmaking industry.  According to him, he and his forefathers always considered a watch to be a piece of jewelry. Hence, the big move into the creation of Haute joaillerie. It was indeed an informed huge move.

The Aesthetic Development Of Piaget Watches Over The Years

Yves Piaget has championed the aesthetic used by the brand since 1957. This aesthetic incorporated gold and platinum. And, since 1957, this watchmaker has used it exclusively. This innovation involved what can be called an elegant riot of colors.  Therefore, both Piaget watches and jewelry pieces came with precious gems adornment. You had adornments with gems like:
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Ruby 
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Other adorning jewels
  • Polished substances
  • Malachite
  • Tiger’s eye 
  • Jade
  • Turquoise
  • Nephrite
  • Coral
All of these mixtures continue to distinguish the Piaget brand from other brands up to this day. Furthermore, there is a ray of light and joy to Piaget’s styles. You will find certain pieces of jewelry created for women. Not just any woman, but women of essence, grace, originality, and perfect humor.  The Piaget brand is a staunch promoter of a philosophy. This is what the brand calls The Sunny Side of Life. This philosophy motivates one to live life to the fullest and believe in audacity, positivity, and beauty. However, all of these must be in equal measure.  The Maison hopes for the fulfillment of the passion its artisans devote to the creation of watches and jewelry. This fulfillment should tell in the joie de vivre with which its customers see the world. In all, the beauty of diamonds, white or rose, mother-of-pearl, gold, opals, and malachite continue to radiate in Piaget watches. You get Piaget watches in different ranges because of these additions. You get the Piaget watches that come at an accessible cost. Then, some Piaget watches are quite expensive, fascinating, and limited.

The Spirit That Lives In The Design Of Piaget Watches

One element remains a key touchstone for Piaget watches over the years. That is the sun. You’ll agree, certain factors contribute to the positivity and happiness in a person’s personality. But nothing does this as effectively as a dose of sunshine. For instance, take the rays of morning sunshine on an idyllic beach in an exotic, area far away. Such a feeling is what Piaget watches want to reproduce. Piaget watches over the years continue to give out that motivating air. More so, with one of the brand’s latest introductions, the Sunlight jewelry line, this is obvious. The major source of motivation, inspiration for this line is the sun. This is also the motif of this line. Additionally, the Sunlight collection alludes to the golden orb of the sun. You can see that in the earrings, rings and necklaces produced. They glisten with optimism. Take this icon for instance. Her name is Olivia Palermo. She is a best-dressed-list constant figure, model, entrepreneur, model, philanthropist, and influencer. In addition to all of these, she is a longtime Piaget partner. Olivia Palermo is the true epitome of the Sunlight spirit the Piaget brand preaches.  Piaget watches over the years express the ideals of individuals like Palermo. When you see Piaget watches for women, they are for the empowered and self-sufficient contemporary woman. And the ones for every one of the men are for those who live by their own rules. People of positivity and a mission. These are the values that the Piaget brand projects.

The Piaget’s Evolution In Watchmaking

Piaget had its maiden invasion into the world of watchmaking in the 1960s. The Piaget brand began with jewelry Piaget watches in the 1960s. A wristwatch-like the Limelight Gala faultlessly portrays Maison’s classic blend of history and creativity. Along with the creation of a watchmaking workshop in La Côte-aux-Fées in 1874, the brand developed that passion. The father of the Piaget brand, Georges-Édouard Piaget fully embraced the maxim “Always do better than necessary.” This tenet became evident in subsequent Piaget watches over the years. 
  • The 1920s

What then happened in the 1920s? Georges-Édouard’s son, Timothée Piaget purposefully improved on this tenet. He managed to evolve the family company from being a producer of movements into a full-blown watchmaker. Afterward, this brand went on to create some of Switzerland’s best luxury timepieces and pocket watches. Additionally, we welcomed the leadership of the third generation in the Piaget lineage, Gérald, and Valentin. Under them, the Piaget brand started to create an excited and active audience globally. Therefore, they commenced solidifying their pedigree for ingenious ultra-thin movements.
  • The 1950s

Something groundbreaking happened in 1957. First off, the brand launched a revolutionary mechanical hand-wound movement, known as the caliber 9P. This movement stunned attendees of the Basel watch fair. Why not?   The movement paraded an amazing 2mm slenderness. This earned it the pedigree as one of the thinnest mechanical movements ever made. That same year, the Piaget brand earmarked working with precious metals like platinum and gold as their favorite niche. The decision to concentrate on working with precious metal is to guarantee distinction and quality. With that, the cases of Piaget watches will parade enough quality and grandness. That will further aid the effectiveness of the movements within.  Subsequently, Piaget watches over the years paraded an unrivaled reputation in goldsmithing mastery. Moreover, the design savoir-faire reached an apex of clarity in production.
  • The 1960s

The year 1960 welcomed the launch of the 2.3mm-thin 12P self-winding mechanical movement. Once again, the Piaget brand gave yet another exhibition of the brand’s creativity and technical mastery. Meanwhile, the Swinging Sixties and delightful seventies marked an outstanding era for the Piaget brand. This era witnessed the brand’s outstanding aesthetic, svelte lines, and understanding of creative modernity. Piaget’s watches in this era were really an excellent fit for the period. One of Piaget watches made in this era featured a complete diamond-paved design. This design became a signature for the Piaget brand. These Piaget watches over the years established what will become an outstanding pedigree in gem-setting. As though that wasn’t enough, Valentin pushed his designers further in the early sixties. He urged them to, “Do what has never been done before.” Subsequently, as a response, there was a new set of Piaget watches. These were the first timepieces to feature dials made of precious jewels. Also, some of these Piaget watches paraded spirited materials like icons of the day, peacock feathers.  Some of the icons of the day these Piaget watches featured include:

Influence Of The Growth And Development Of The Piaget Brand

Following the brand’s achievement in the 1960s, the Piaget brand became a true definition of luxury. The brand exemplifies improvement and adds that touch of beauty to every wearer. These wearers contributed to the growth of the brand alongside the 4th generation of the Piaget family. The CEO of this watch and jewelry brand, Chabi Nouri in her own words depicted the influence of this growth. In her own words, she said: “Today, clients are co-creators. More and more, they want to participate in a design.”  For her, the family of wearers is now part of what she calls, the Piaget Society. These clients make up an unofficial society of enthusiasts that believe in the brand’s tenets. These are the ones who love the designs and spirit the Piaget watches represent. To these watch lovers, what matters to them are the very slight details. This detail can be as tiny as the picture of another person someplace sporting a similar timepiece.  Alongside the Piaget Society, Nouri initiates what she referred to as the Infinitely Personal. Thanks to this introduction, you can now personalize your Piaget watches.  Furthermore, you get the opportunity of a service that goes through the process exactly. This service creates exactly what the box specifies. Although practically, your options are not completely “infinite”. Yet, Nouri explains that there are at least 10,000 practical alternatives.  Moreover, you have the choice to select from the following color options. They include the:
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Green 


The product of all these developments presents you with varieties in timepieces available. The Piaget watches launched over the years by the Piaget brand will suit your taste. You can choose whatever color and other specifications you desire.  In addition, you have the chance to personalize your watch by adding initials to the main plate. More so, there are varieties to choose from with buckles and straps. These are only a few of the many options you have with Piaget watches.  Finally, all of these express the impact of the growth of the Piaget brand. At this point, you have several options to pick from as regards Piaget watches. Ensure you make the right choice. 

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