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The Piaget brand is not a name most people expected to be ranked this highly. Moreover, the Piaget Policy watch continues in this stride. These watches are on the high-end steel sports market, which is likewise a surprise to many people.

When Piaget launched the Polo collection, there was quite a fuss. First off, this steel sports timepiece was in no way similar to what most people anticipated from the modest Genevan brand.

Also, the launching took place as a launch party in Brooklyn with various stars in attendance. Not the kind of JLC and IWC event you will expect from Piaget.

Finally, the style of the watch was another striking feature. Lovers of wristwatches and others in the watch world soon noticed some sort of similarity in the design. Most of the Piaget Polo watches are also high-end steel sports watches.

More so, their designs were similar to certain other watches. Some of them include:

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
  • Patek Philippe Aquanaut and Nautilus
  • Girard-Perregaux Laureato.

When we take all of the fuss out of the picture, what is left for us to see?

What you have at hand is a collection of watches that are worthy of note. Piaget Polo watches are certainly a variety of watches to consider when next you shop for a wristwatch. But, before them, it is only right to catch a glimpse of this watch’s backstory. Dive in!

The History Of Piaget Polo Watches

The first time the Piaget Polo launched was in 1979. The Piaget Polo watches are a product of Yves G. Piaget’s dexterity in 1979. The first releases were bespoke and timely timepieces that suited the style of that time. The watches had bold vertical strips that divided the bracelet and the case.

The Polo is a long-time presence in the Piaget wristwatch collection. The most notable for many lovers of these watches will be the late 1970s/early 1980s model.

Piaget Polo watches are icons on their part. This is a watch model that parades itself as a symbol of the real life of luxury. The Polo watches are best described as “the sport of kings.”

In the year Piaget introduced the Polo brand, various models were launched. Some of these models had a design that featured a small show for the date and the day.

From 1979 to 2009, Polo wristwatches retained their place in the Piaget collection. Also, this brand of watches remained dear to many wristwatch enthusiasts.

However, in 2009, the titanium-cased Polo FortyFive came into the scene. This wristwatch had an improved case size. Again, this watch’s design sad a tone down to the usual bold design of Polo watches.

The design of the Piaget Polo watch is outstanding in several ways. They do not follow the usual pattern of other Piaget watches. Neither do they look like wristwatches of any other brand.

In the words of Yves G. Piaget: “The entire Polo philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: it’s a watch bracelet rather than a mere wristwatch.”

General Review Of Piaget Polo Watches

In this section, we will consider the features Polo Piaget watches share across the board. These features will be sorted into the different parts of a wristwatch. Follow through!

The Case

For the case of Polo Piaget watches, most of them bear very likely semblance to the high-end Piaget Emperador lineup.

Furthermore, most Piaget Polo watches come with TV shaped dial enveloped in a broad flaked case. Like the Polo S version, most Piaget Polo watches have straight bezels with an oval shaped design.

The bezel reveals an exceptionally even flat brushing. Although this might not be as sleek as that of the bracelet collection, yet it is an obvious step up from the initial Polo designs.

This brushed addition extends to the center of the case as well. The center of the case also has polished angles.

In summary, the varied shapes and textures of the case of Piaget Polo watches are spectacular. It complements the awesome and delicate combination of sports and luxury. It goes further to bring in a touch of the initial designs too.

Another exciting part of this Piaget Polo watches is that they are made of steel cases.

The Piaget Polo collection features a good number of wristwatches with steel cases. This case material is a reference to the truly revolutionary Upstream that never lasted long. That is one way to change the convention and make a long-lasting statement.

How about the debatable likenesses to other steel sports timepieces on the market? Truly, there are certain similar style features. However, all of these other steel sports watches are merely ‘70s-inspired products.

Excitingly, the Piaget Polo watch collection clearly transforms a dose of Piaget’s original patterns. Now, this line of wristwatches brings in a touch of marketable authenticity.

The Dial

How about the dial of most wristwatches featured on the Piaget Polo watches collection? Most of them are made in different color options. These options may include:

  • The blue-colored dial
  • The slate grey dial
  • The silver-colored dial

As for the Chrono of these watches, the options are limited to only silver or blue.

When placed under the light, the dial gives a different look depending on the light. For instance, the Polo A slate grey-colored dial can change from silver to pitch black depending on the lights.

Some watches have the mercurial aspect. This aspect is a result of the deep crests present on the horizontal guilloche. This then creates an endlessly delightful blend of shade (or chiaroscuro) and light.

When you look at some of these watches closely, you will discover the amazing texture they have. This texture complements the plain dial by adding a touch of glam.

The errors that mark the seconds and hour come in a confusingly modernist appearance. However, the angles of these arrows are chopped off,

You will likewise find several Piaget Polo watches with luminous dials. That is a way to reference the classic design of this collection. As it should be, the printing on the dial of most of these watches is crisp.

A good improvement on this watch would be a date wheel that matches the color of the dial. However, the only drawback would be that it might lead to issues with the dials’ legibility.

Finally, check out most of these watches. You will find the Piaget ‘P’ featured in the big diamond that serves as a balance for the seconds’ arrow. That feature is the best part of this design for us.

The Bracelet

Most watches and even high-end collections indeed create their bracelet as an afterthought. Well, for Piaget Polo watches, this is different.

Excitingly, Piaget Polo watches have bracelets that are chic and the best in their respective categories.

Wearability is one perk that the Royal Oak bracelet can boast of without a doubt. Meanwhile, the Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas parades a creative quick-change system. Regardless of all of these, Piaget’s Polo watches have bracelets that fit perfectly and have great texture.

These watches come with well-polished outer links. Yet, the links at the center are the best part of most of these Piaget Polo watches. The appearance is similar to a brushed look.

If these are effects of brushes, the details, and even look makes it a grand addition. Little wonder most of these watches show that velvet look. Incredibly stunning.

There is just one bad side of the bracelets of the Piaget Polo watches. They do not look new always. You will begin to notice the wear from the clasp especially. This problem is a general me. It is not limited to the Piaget Polo collection.

The Movement

Particularly, for the Polo S timepiece, the movement used is the caliber 1110P. This movement is a modern 4mm thick in-house automatic movement. The movement runs at 4 Hz and comes with a power reserve that lasts as long as 50 hours.

This is an excellently finished movement. It might lack the whistles and bells or other perks. Yet, this movement, like many others used for Piaget’s Polo watches, is grand in its own way.

Best Piaget Polo Watches For Men And Women

Having gotten enough information on the Piaget Polo collection, what’s next? Now, check out our list of the best Piaget Polo watches for men and women.

Each watch will come with a list of its specifications alongside. So, when you step out to get one of these watches, you can make the best choice.

1.      Vintage Piaget Polo 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Model: Polo
  • Size: Will Fit a 6.75″ wrist
  • Case Material: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Case Diameter: 25 mm
  • Dial: Pave Set Diamonds After Market
  • Movement: Manual
  • Bezel: 18k Yellow Gold Bezel with Aftermarket Diamonds
  • Bracelet: 18k Yellow Gold Polo Strap with Pave Set Diamonds, Aftermarket
  • Clasp: Jewelry Clasp
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Box and Papers Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box and Warranty Card

2.      Piaget Polo 24005 M 501 D 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Model: Polo
  • MPN: 24005 M 501 D
  • SKU: W1878MUEE
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Size: Will fit a size 7″ wrist
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Case Diameter: 34mm
  • Case Material: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Dial: 18k Yellow Gold dial with diamond hour markers (factory set). Diamonds are G in color and VS in clarity.
  • Bezel: 18k Yellow Gold with factory set diamonds. Diamonds are G in color and VS in clarity.
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Bracelet: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Additional Details: Comes with original Piaget box, papers, and one year warranty!

3.      Piaget Polo 861C 18k Two Tone Diamond Ladies Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Model: Polo
  • SKU: W2097
  • MPN: 861C
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Size: Will fit a 5.50″ wrist
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Case Diameter: 23.5mm
  • Case Material: 18k yellow gold
  • Dial: 18k yellow gold with diamonds and black Onyx and silver hands. (factory)
  • Bezel: 18k white and yellow gold with diamonds (factory)
  • Clasp: Jeweler’s clasp
  • Bracelet: 18k white and yellow gold bracelet with diamonds (factory)
  • Additional Details: It comes with a Raymond Lee Jewelers presentation box and one year warranty!

4.      Piaget Polo 8131 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Model: Polo
  • SKU: A30311054
  • MPN: 8131
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Size: Will fit a 7″ wrist
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Case Diameter: 20mm
  • Case Material: 18k yellow gold
  • Dial: 18k yellow gold link dial with yellow gold hour markers.
  • Clasp: Jewelers clasp
  • Crystal: Scratch resistant sapphire
  • Bracelet: 18k yellow gold link bracelet
  • Bezel: 18k yellow gold bezel
  • Additional Details: This watch comes with a Raymond Lee Jewelers presentation box and a one year warranty!

5.      Piaget 7131 Polo 18k Yellow Gold Gents Watch

  • Gender: Men
  • Brand: Piaget
  • Model: Polo
  • SKU: W2467
  • MPN: 7131
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Size: Will fit a 7.25″ wrist
  • Case Diameter: 25mm
  • Case Material: 18k yellow gold
  • Dial: Gold dial
  • Bracelet: 18k yellow gold
  • Clasp: Jewelers’ clasp
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Additional Details: This item comes with Raymond Lee Jewelers Presentation Box and one year warranty!

6.      Piaget Polo FortyFive 18K White Gold Diamond Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Model: Polo FortyFive G0A35014
  • Stock Reference: G4241TOMEE
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Size: Will fit a 6.5″ wrist
  • Case Measurements: 38mm
  • Dial: White dial with luminescent markers in 18k white gold factory set with eight brilliant cut diamonds approximately .05ct
  • Clasp: 18k white gold Ardillon buckle
  • Bezel:18K white gold factory set 50 brilliant cut diamonds approximately .7ct
  • Bracelet: White rubber strap
  • Additional Details: It comes with Raymond Lee Jewelers presentation box and a one year warranty!


For everyone shopping for a high end steel sports wristwatch, these watches are the best for you. It is the ideal watch for anyone who isn’t given away to the AP or Patek cults. Piaget Polo wristwatches are top on the list of high-end steel sports wristwatches that make statements.

Aside from the necessary addition of a neatly infused date wheel, everything else about this timepiece is stellar. If you need a wristwatch that delivers stellar performance combined with great looks, then try out any of these watches will do.


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