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The Differences between Rolex 118388, 18948, and 86285

The Differences between Rolex 118388, 18948, and 86285

The Difference between Rolex 118388, Rolex 18948, and Rolex 86285

Rolex is popular for its luxury. And it has been popular for this since its first appearance. What started in 1905 has grown to create models like the Rolex 118388, 18948, and 86285. It is a brand of prestige watches, and has been sought after since its beginning. The company has style and class all over it. This is why it’s no surprise that Rolex has designed some of the most sought-after timepieces. 

Rolex 118388, Rolex 18948, and Rolex 86285 are three variations of different collections. All come with their unique features and have served watch enthusiasts for years. The 86285 is so popular because it comes with a special dial, while the 118388 is popular for its 36 mm diameter. And, of course, the 18948 is exceptional for its 19k yellow gold color. It’s not easy to choose which one is best for you. However, you can find the comparison presented below. They should help you gain better insight into each of them. 

Rolex 118388, 18948, And 86285: Which Is Better? 

The features and parts of these watches speak volume. From their contribution to beauty and function, they enhance the models. And yes, the Rolex 118388, 86285, and 18948 have features in common. Some with similar functions, and others distinct and peculiar to a model. Before exploring the dimensions of the relationships, what should each mean to you? 

What is a Rolex 118388?

Rolex 118388

A Rolex 118388 is a model under the day-date series. It is a timepiece that is popular for its special president bracelet. Other than the beauty of its bracelet, the beautiful 18k yellow gold finish also stands out. A typical Rolex 118388 has a diamond bezel. It also has the COSC self-winding movement that helps to keep a perfect time.

Anyone who values beauty and quality in a watch should find a home with this model. It is evident in the quality of the materials that designers used to make it. Also worthy of note is the fact that it is dependable. It has been popular for so long. And of course, it is not going out of style any time soon. 

What is a Rolex 86285?

The Rolex 86285 is one of the models under the Pearlmaster collection. Created in 2015, after many models under the Pearlmaster, it has made space for itself. When you want a power reserve that lasts for about 72 hours, it is the watch you go to. It is the watch for you if you love precision in your timepiece. It is an all-around high performer timepiece. 

This model has a hairspring at the center of the balance wheel. This feature is what makes the back and forth movement possible. 

What is a Rolex 18948? 

From its ability to resist dust and water, it is easy to see why the Rolex 18948 is a favorite among many. It features a 19k yellow gold material and has a 39mm dial. The dial is the feature that makes it easy to read. And, of course, the rich hue of the yellow gold color makes it a center of attraction. 

It has a glamorous look on lock with the presence of four high-grade diamond bezels. The pearl watch face and the poster bracelet also have their impact. First, they contribute to the beauty, and as expected, they contribute to the quality of the watch. 

What Similarities can we pick between Rolex 118388, 18948 and 86285? 

First, these watches have Rolex in common. The only thing this means is that their users are lucky! If we know nothing, we are sure of Rolex’s effort into creating each piece. So, every timepiece, no matter how different, will serve well for a long time. 

Of course, these Rolex models also have other resemblances. You can catch some of them below:

  • Power Reserve

Common knowledge says that Rolex watches’ power reserve ranges from 48- to 72 hours. What Rolex 118388 and Rolex 86285 have in common is that both can last up to 72 hours. 

  • Movement

The movement of most Rolex watches, especially the most recent ones, is automatic. You never get to see features of Rolex watches without coming across its ability to self-wind. Although, there are always exceptions. In this case, the exception would be the Rolex watches that need manual wind movement.  Since we are talking about Rolex 118388, and Rolex 86285. And, in addition, 18948, it is important that we note that they all can self-wind. So, do they all have automatic movement in common? Yes, they do! 

However, their similarities do not mean that they don’t have unique features. The 118388, for instance, works with a caliber 3155. With the caliber 3155, you have a movement that beats at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour. As for the 86285, the movement contributes to the precision. And we get the center hour, minute and second with a rapid setting. You can extend your search for this model here

Meanwhile, here are other differences in parts of Rolex 118388, 86285 and 18948 to watch out for:

Power reserve

We have established that 18948 and 86285 have similar power reserves. But, the Rolex 118388 is different when it comes to power reserve. Again, the power reserve for most of these self-winding Rolex watches ranges from 48- 72 hours. The 18948 and 86285 have 72 hours, while the 118388 have 48 hours of power reserve. 

  • Dial

Never forget that the dial of any watch is an essential part. It handles telling the time. And since we are talking about timepieces, we cannot overlook how crucial it is. 

As expected, the similarities of the dials of Rolex 118388, 86285, and 18948 ends at a point. Aside from the fact that they all have dials to die for, the aesthetics are not quite the same. 

The Rolex 118388 has a Sunray dial. For context, a Sunray dial is the thin, almost invisible line at the center of a dial. Apart from the sunray dial, this one has motifs introduced by the brand. It also has a twinkling Mother- of – Pearl. With its Diamond – set indices, it is hard not to relate to the 118388. To make people pick their dials, you get this one in different colors. The most popular are Champagne, Ice blue, meteorite, sawdust, and silver. 

When it comes to Rolex 18948, you should expect nothing out of the ordinary. If maintaining the status quo was a person, this model would be the most personable. So, yes! Rolex has not done anything glamorous with the dial here for a while. It helps to read the day of the week and month. While there hasn’t been any upgrade for the dial, the bracelet has changed. The bracelet has gone from being iconic president to Pearlmaster. 

The dial for Rolex 86285 has a different feel to it. From the color to the skin, it screams unique. Coated in diamonds, it has the sixth, and ninth-hour markers. The Rolex 86285 is also famous for its color. It is a purple hue made from Aubergine. Given the reputation of this color, we cannot fault the popularity it brings for this model. 

  • Case

It is almost sinful to imagine a well-made Rolex without a case. Like other features, the case of any Rolex makes a name for itself. It is useful both for aesthetics and functions. As expected, all three models have their different designs when it comes to cases. 

The Rolex 86285 has an oyster case. If you are familiar with this type of case, you already know that it is one of the best out there. It is strong, it is fitting, and elegant! With this type of oyster case, you need not worry about water, wear and tears. It is also popular for its ability to keep the casing from loosening. For beauty, it wears the 18 CT Everose gold alongside diamonds. With its monobloc middle case and 39mm diameter, it excels. 

The Rolex 118388 case is either 18k gold or 950 platinum. This modem under the Day-date series excels with its 36 mm dimensions and caliber 3155. It has a Fluted bezel and a presidential bracelet with solid center links. These bracelets’ clasp is also well-developed. 

As for the Rolex 18948, the case stands out. You will not miss the uniqueness of this one at first glance. It is bigger than your average day-date model case. With this case, you don’t get the 36 mm diameter case like the 118388, and you get the 39mm. While the 39mm may be common elsewhere, it became a thing with day-date in recent times. Starting in the year 2008 when the 41mm Day-date II came around, and until the 18948 model. It also has a 19k yellow gold color. 

However, the bracelet stands out from the case. For the 18948 model, Rolex made the bracelet like the Rolex 86285 model. They come with a five-piece link bracelet. And as with the 86285, this model has a Crownclaap that is not visible. 

Other things that set the 18948 apart are;

· The bracelet is curvier than the oyster bracelet.

· The bracelet is flatter than the president of the jubilee bracelet. 

  • Outfit.

Another  way to differentiate between Rolex 118388, 86285, and 18948 is the outfit. While some parts may be similar, watchmakers designed each so that you can identify them. When you need to identify a Rolex 118388 among the others, you will do it with ease. The ability to differentiate doesn’t mean that some of their outfits are not similar. It only means that the differences are unique. So, let’s see: 

For the Rolex 18948, the outfit is a pure diamond bezel! That’s no surprise here since this model was a trial at improving the day-date series of Rolex. 

It has over 40 small round brilliant cut diamonds around the piece. Unlike its peers, the diamond placement stands out for Rolex 18948. Several facets enable light refraction at the side of the timepiece. With this cut style, there is no escaping the sparkle that this model produces. 

The Rolex 118388 has a similar outfit to the 18948. With the presence of a diamond-set bezel, it is easy to love it on first look. But, the bezel materials cut across many colors and designs. We have Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum, and Everose Gold for this model. When this model is not covered in a diamond-set bezel, it has luxurious diamond set-lugs.


The trio of watches represents Rolex in the most spectacular way. You get the differences in the models from observing different parts of the watches. Even though the Rolex 86285 and 118388 have similarities, the former has a power reserve of 72 hours. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want a watch that will take up to 72 to unwind the power. Other differences in these Rolex models are in the outfit, dials and model cases. 

In the long run, all three will have a different appreciation ratio. To pick the right watch out of these three watches, you need to calculate your necessities. It needs to be about interest, your aspiration and expectation. If you only want a watch with the utmost power reserve, the 86285 and 18948 are the best! If you need a luxury watch with an oyster case that prevents wear and tear, the answer is Rolex 86285. 

The great thing about everything here is that you have access to these Rolex models. If you click here, you will learn more about your favorite Rolex models. From the Rolex 118388 to 86285 and 18948, you get to make your choice. 


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