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Designer Wedding Jewelers: Tacori

Each jeweler takes pride in their creations. Every piece they craft is a reflection of their state of mind and emotional connection to that specific jewelry piece’s intention. After the laborious effort of taking inspiration and designing it into a wearable jewel, the designers transform into artisans. They then take the time to hand pick…
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Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts With Tacori

Have you picked out your Mother’s Day gifts yet? Whether you’re shopping for Mom, or making your own wish list, we can’t recommend enough our stunning Mother’s Day gifts from Tacori. That’s right! One of our favorite bridal designers also creates gorgeous, California-style fine jewelry handmade in the Golden State. Each collection – which you…
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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts With Tacori

Can you believe February 14th is less than a month away? The time to start shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts is now! We, obviously, adore Valentine’s Day. We opened our beautiful, state of the art showroom in Boca because we love love. Seriously – we love fine jewelry and watches, don’t get us wrong. Thirty years…
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Tacori Weekend

Tacori Weekend at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Are you ready for Tacori? We certainly are. We’re pulling out all the stops, adding an extra dash of luxury, and rolling out the blue carpet for Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s first annual Tacori Weekend! Join us December 9th and 10th for a no holds barred, all out indulgence in Tacori wedding rings, engagement rings,…
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A. Jaffe floral halo engagement ring

Engagement Ring Eye Candy for #NationalProposalDay

National Proposal Day is THIS Sunday March 20th! Seems like a great day to pop the question, right? Exactly. And we happen to know a great place where you can score the ring of her dreams and blow every other #nationalproposalday post on your timeline clear out of the water. Check out our picks for…
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tacori engagement ring

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamond Simulants

When it comes to synthetic diamonds, we still feel it’s best to err on the side of caution; we don’t deal with them. But this development in the industry – and in the general, diamond-adoring public – is definitely an interesting topic of discussion! Shop Gabriel Engagement Rings Synthetic diamonds fall into two categories, though…
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RITANI Masterwork 0.48ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Spotlight On: Ritani Engagement Rings

TGIF! Today we’re rolling out the red carpet for our newest bevy of designer engagement rings. We’ve added to our selection some gorgeous Ritani engagement rings! Ritani is one of the newest high end designer engagement ring brands, stepping onto the bridal jewelry scene in 1999. This brand masters the art of designing the engagement…
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Thirsty Thursday: Electric Blue Cocktails

It’s Thursday, it’s happy hour, and the air is simply electric! We’re buzzing with excitement over this great blue cocktail we spotted on Tacori’s Pinterest board. We love the bright cerulean color of this Electric Lemonade, and the recipe they’ve added looks delightful as well. Of course, an equally mesmerizing cocktail on our end was…
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