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Super Bowl Players get Diamond Beats Headphones

The Seahawks may have been the only team to walk away from this year’s Super Bowl with rings, but thanks to Dr. Dre, both the Seahawks and the Broncos left New Jersey with some additional bling. The rapper’s multi-million dollar company provided players on both teams with special-edition, diamond-encrusted headphones to help promote Beat’s new…
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Super Bowl Proposal

So readers, what did you do for Super Bowl? If you’re anything like us you ate sinfully good tailgating food, cheered for your team, cracked a few excellent jokes about Beyonce blowing out the Super Dome’s power, imagined what this year’s Super Bowl Rings will look like and debated your favorite commercial. If you’re anything…
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Highlight: The Super Bowl Rings

Highlight: The Super Bowl Rings Super Bowl aka Harbowl, SuperBaugh, what have you is just around the corner, appearing as the most watched sporting event of the year in the United States. While the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC conference take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC conference this year, there is a…
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New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Rings Unveiled

Giants Super Bowl Rings Tiffany & Co. presents the Super Bowl XLVI rings to the world champion New York Giants in Manhattan The Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI Championship rings have finally been unveiled. Wednesday night, the team, coaches & staff gathered at Tiffany & Co. in New York to be presented with their brand new…
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