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Super Bowl Players get Diamond Beats Headphones

Super Bowl Players get Diamond Beats Headphones

The Seahawks may have been the only team to walk away from this year’s Super Bowl with rings, but thanks to Dr. Dre, both the Seahawks and the Broncos left New Jersey with some additional bling. The rapper’s multi-million dollar company provided players on both teams with special-edition, diamond-encrusted headphones to help promote Beat’s new streaming service.

The custom headphones were made in collaboration with Graff Diamonds and feature a stamped engraving of the New York City skyline. Seattle’s headphones were stamped with gold, while Denver’s were stamped with white gold. Each pair came with its own case. The headphones are estimated to be worth $25,000 each.

Outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman personally delivered the Seahawks’ headphones to the team locker room after spending some time hanging out with Dr. Dre’s buddy, Snoop Dogg. Sherman was also featured in a Beats ad in the weeks leading up to the big game. There was no word as to who delivered the headphones on the Denver side.

Unique designs are common for Beats

Beats by Dre has a long history of producing special edition headphones. Some of the more notable include:

  • CrystalRoc versions that are adorned with more than 4,000 Swarovski crystals. Although there are a few pairs in existence, there’s been word as to whether the CrystalRoc headphones will ever be sold in mass or how much they would retail for.
  • A set covered in 4,300 rose Swarovski crystals. The sparkly, pink headphones will set you back a cool $891.
  • The Dr. Dre Detox Pro headphones are lined with 3,000 black Swarovski crystals. There are only 20 in existence and they cost more than $1,300 each.
  • The “Collectors Series” headphones, which are plated in 24 carat gold and cost 2,500 each. They’re not easy to get a hold of, as there are only 50 in the world and 10 of those are reserved for sale at Harrod’s of London.

While other Beats headphones have been customized with a touch of luxury, none can compare to the last collaboration between Beats and Graff Diamonds. In 2012, Lil’ Wayne wore a custom pair of Beats headphones that were covered in 114 carats of diamond to the NBA All-Star Game. The headphones were said to cost north of one million dollars and were reportedly the same pair worn by LMFAO during that year’s Super Bowl halftime show. That pair is said to be the only such pair ever produced.

Headphones aren’t the only bling

The unique headphones will have to serve as consolation bling for the Broncos, who got destroyed by the Seahawks 43 to 8. As is tradition in the NFL, Seahawks executives will field ring design proposals from various certified jewelers, including Jostens and Tiffany & Company. If chosen, the designer will produce enough rings for the Seahawks organization plus the game’s referees.

The Seahwaks will have some leeway in their choice of designer, but the basic design must follow the NFL’s traditional guidelines, which require the ring to be oversized, to feature either gold or white gold, to have upwards of 100 diamonds, and to feature additional jewels.


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