Highlight: The Super Bowl Rings

Highlight: The Super Bowl Rings

Super Bowl aka Harbowl, SuperBaugh, what have you is just around the corner, appearing as the most watched sporting event of the year in the United States. While the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC conference take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC conference this year, there is a much to know about the famed and sought after Super Bowl Ring.

For the players, the only thing better than winning the Super Bowl is sporting the ring. Something that can only be purchased secondhand or won through the Super Bowl, the ring is one of the highest standards and achievements that an NFL player can earn throughout their career. The first Super Bowl rings were introduced in 1967 during the first Super Bowl. Since the Green Bay Packers won the title 46 years ago, every team since has gone above and beyond fashioning their rings into the best in Super Bowl history.

According to sources, not just the winning team is allotted a Super Bowl ring. Both teams playing in the Super Bowl are given 150 rings to dole out to coaches, players, and even injured players, paid for by the NFL. If a team goes above their allotment, they’re required to pay for each additional ring.

Typical Super Bowl Rings cost about $5,000. They’re made of white or yellow gold and they’ll traditionally feature a number of pave diamonds in the shape of a football, the team’s logo, or the Lombardi Trophy. The NFL states, however, as a stipulation that the losing NFL team can only spend half of the amount of money per ring as the winning team. If the Ravens go home as the Super Bowl champions, the 49ers are only going to have about $2,500 worth of hardware attached to their ring fingers for the conference championship rings.

This doesn’t mean that the rings will sell for just that amount, though. There have been Super Bowl rings in the past that have sold for upwards of $1 million at auctions for charity. Typically, Super Bowl rings on resale go for $32-50k.

According to eHow.com, the heaviest Super Bowl ring to date was awarded to the 2005 New England Patriots after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. The ring weighed a whopping 4.06 ounces. The largest ring size ever created was a size 23 for Chicago Bears number 39, William Perry. He wore a size 23–in comparison to the average men’s ring size of 10-12.

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