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Selling Your Jewelry

Selling Your Jewelry There are times when you may consider liquidating your unique estate jewelry or diamonds. Yet, days and weeks pass and you find that you can’t fulfill your plans. There may be a plethora of reasons why you may not be able to sell off your natural diamonds and jewelry. In our experience,…
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Two More Massive 160 Carat Diamonds Discovered in Lesotho

The discovery of two 106 CT diamonds in Lesotho, South Africa is presumably one of the most exceptional discoveries that have ever happened in time. Gem diamond, a miner based in London, made the discovery sometime towards the end of January, and reports on the description of the diamonds indicate that they are in a…
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Kris Humphries Selling Kim Kardashian Ring at Christies?

It was the ring that made the biggest splash in the reality TV world, a massive emerald cut diamond flanked by two more step cut diamonds. Worn by none other than Kim Kardashian, who feted her own “royal” wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries with a multi-part wedding special on E!, three separate Vera Wang…
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WIth Gold Down, Is the Price of Diamonds Next?

Gold has long since dropped from the historic highs of $1500 per ounce but does that mean that the price of diamonds will be next? With most drops in the price of precious metals, the price of other precious materials does tend to fluctuate a bit. The price of diamonds however, is a rather constant…
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Spotlight on: The Agra Diamond

To sell diamonds Boca Raton means learning legends that follow famous diamonds through the centuries (well, we’ll settle for the stone’s provenance, or at least a GIA certificate. And even without an appraisal we can provide one). The world’s fifth largest pink diamond has quite a legend behind it. Dating all the way back to…
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