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12.47 ct Blue Diamond Uncovered in Lesotho

On September 30, 2013, a rare 12.47 ct blue diamond was discovered in a mine in Lesotho, Africa. Blue diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds in the world. It was found in Gem Diamonds’ Letseng mine. The quality of the stone is not known at this point. At the same time, an 83.9 carat…
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The EU Lifts Zimbabwe Diamond Ban

The diamond is a beautiful gem. Its facets reflect the light in a myriad of sparkling showers encased in the depths of a substance harder than glass. When you look into a diamond you can be lost in the beauty of that paradox — so hard it takes another diamond to cut the facets, yet…
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Lucara Diamond Uncovers 239 Carat Gem in Botswana

No matter how big your engagement diamond may have been, we’re willing to bet that it can’t match the 239 carat diamond dug out of a Botswanan mine by Lucara Diamond this month. The gem accompanies two others, weighing in at 124 and 71.1 carats. Before being sold, all three stones will be sent to…
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Brussels Airport Hollywood Style $50 Million Diamond Heist

It was like something out of a Hollywood movie; armed robbers disguised as policeman with split-second timing broke through a security barrier and stole more than $50 million in precious diamonds from a plane in the Brussels airport within minutes of takeoff. Fans of “The Italian Job”, or the fictional inspector Jacques Clueso would have…
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