Lucara Diamond Uncovers 239 Carat Gem in Botswana

No matter how big your engagement diamond may have been, we’re willing to bet that it can’t match the 239 carat diamond dug out of a Botswanan mine by Lucara Diamond this month.

The gem accompanies two others, weighing in at 124 and 71.1 carats. Before being sold, all three stones will be sent to Antwerp for proper examination. The 239 carat piece may be one of the biggest ever dug out of the Orapa kimberlite field.

To put into perspective just how big the gem is, let’s just say that it would make a fine set of brass knuckles if you ever felt like spending all day punching holes in boulders, or it could serve as a pinky ring for a rapper as tall as a two story house. A 239 carat is too big to fit on any ring that doesn’t look like a bracelet.

It’s just as well that the diamond is too big and too expensive to reasonably wear, because if you did take it to a party, everyone would assume that it was fake just because it’s so incredibly big.

In short: just imagine a gem the size of a tennis ball and you have a good idea of what a 239 carat diamond looks like.

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