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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Art Deco Ruby Ring Fest

We love Art Deco style. We love rubies. So when we combined the two to create vintage inspired Art Deco ruby ring designs set in platinum, we knew we’d created some great unique engagement rings. We paired the ruby accents (some might call them halos) with some of our favorite marquise stones. Some are light…
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Mayfair Antiques: High End Antique Dealers

Mayfair Antiques set up at the Palm Beach Art, Jewelry and Antique Show Mayfair Antiques is an established antique company that usually tours its items around the country. Mayfair has two in-store locations, one located in South Tampa and the other is West Palm Beach. The range of antiques that this business sells can be…
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Valerio Antiques Art Deco: Palm Beach

Valerio Antiques Art Deco: Palm Beach Valerio Antiques at the Palm Beach art, jewelry and antique show Valerio Antiques is widely known for its myriad of antique items. This business sells art deco inspired and original art deco pieces. The company was recently part of the Palm Beach Art, Jewelry and Antique Show. The set…
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