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Mayfair Antiques: High End Antique Dealers

Mayfair Antiques set up at the Palm Beach Art, Jewelry and Antique Show Mayfair Antiques is an established antique company that usually tours its items around the country. Mayfair has two in-store locations, one located in South Tampa and the other is West Palm Beach. The range of antiques that this business sells can be dated back from the 18th century all the way to modern times. On Mayfair’s website there are a list of featured items so that customers can take a small glance and some of the products they sell. Besides being antique dealers, Mayfair also is able to identify antiques as well as purchase them. Mayfair usually tours their items and you can find out their next location by finding them on twitter, @mayfairantiques. Recenetly Mayfair participated in the Palm Beach Art, Jewelry and Antique show. Here they spread out a wide variety of their most astonishing pieces. In the picture above is a piece of furniture that has numerous turquoise gemstones implanted into the chair. The armrests resemble those of antlers which gives it an old Texas feel. For more information on Mayfair Antiques, log on to their website at

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