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Summer is here, and with a new season comes a new set of trends. Our favorite ongoing trend? Nail art, of course. Statement manicures, intricate patterns and interesting color combinations just intrigue us. It’s no small coincidence that a fancy mani is like jewelry for your nails – of course we’re into it! And the only thing we like better than jewelry is lots of jewelry, so we’ve paired our favorite summer nail art ideas with some of our favorite David Yurman statement rings. David Yurman is a classic American designer. His bold but unfussy style is perfect for anything you’ve got on your summer schedule, and these rings are just beautiful.

Black and white fashions have been spreading like wildfire since February. Yes, the two most classic colors int he book can hardly be considered a trend, but the overwhelming presence of the combo is in every major collection this season. Keep it modern on your nails and classic on your finger with this David Yurman onyx and platinum cocktail ring.

David Yurman Onyx and Diamond Elongated RingThis blue to green gradient nails are so perfect for summer – like staring off into the ocean on a nice day! A beautiful Aqua Chalcedony is set in David Yurman’s classic cable design with diamonds.

Aqua Chalcedony David Yurman Ring

In the opposite direction, a fresh all white manicure is here (and it’s after Memorial Day, though we don’t abide by that rule anyways). We like the added edge (and girliness) this accent nail in prismatic glitter lends to a fresh white mani. And this stunning white agate David Yurman albion ring is another perfect accent.

White Albion Ring David Yurman

In the same way that florals are a “trend” every year, it seems like vaguely tribal motifs come with each summer. Blame it on the music festivals. Either way, we’re loving this edgy geometric manicure with a marbleized accent nail. We played off of the pale baby pink with a heavenly light blue Chalcedony and pave diamond ring by Mr. Yurman:

David Yurman Chalcedony and Pave Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

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