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Tiffany Engagement Rings Add a Little Harmony

Tiffany Engagement Rings Add a Little Harmony

Throughout its history Tiffany has carefully protected its brand and its place in the industry. They do this by setting their own standards and by continually offering jewelry that exceeds expectations.

Well, the jewelry maker has once again added to its collection of engagement set options with the Tiffany Harmony. The engagement ring features a hand-cut, round diamond that is mounted in a platinum setting. The tapered setting caresses the stone, while holding it up for approval. The band follows the same contours as the engagement ring with the two cozily nesting together. The two rings together are matched with impeccable style.

Tiffany & Co. Platinum and Diamond Victoria Collection Ring

Tiffany is known for its acceptance of only top tier diamonds for use in its engagement rings. In fact, Tiffany says they only accept .02% of the worlds’ gem quality stones. These stones are graded by Tiffany’s own Gemological Laboratory, one of the few facilities of its type that are actually operated by retail jewelers. Tiffany says that its evaluators go well beyond the traditional 4-c’s standards and apply even more rigorous guidelines. These include something called “presence”, which includes the stone’s symmetry and polish.

Tiffany & Co. 18k Yellow Gold Diamond 0.38ctw Engagement Ring

Tiffany diamonds, like the one used in the just announced Tiffany Harmony, are said to be cut specifically for brilliance. It is why, the company says, that its diamonds in particular, show such fire and intensity. It is part of the Tiffany brand.

The solitaire diamond of the Harmony will include Tiffany’s Diamond Certificate, which not only guarantees the stones authenticity, but provides a lifetime warranty for the diamond.

The Tiffany Harmony collection is currently available in select Tiffany stores. Tiffany operates retail locations in North, South and Central America, in Asia-Pacific, Japan as well as in the United Arab Emirates.


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