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Spotlight On: Niko Koulis

Spotlight On: Niko Koulis

Niko Koulis is an experienced Greek jewelry who creates and offers magnificent, luxurious jewelry items for sale. Working with diamonds is Mr. Koulis’ specialty; you will notice that nearly all of his best known jewelry items feature large quantities of this unique, valuable stone. Additionally, other jewels are sometimes used with the diamonds to bring out the beauty of the item in question.

It is clear that Niko Koulis has gotten his inspiration not only from diamonds but also from nature. The Diamond Peacock Feather Pendant with matching earrings, Bird Double Finger Ring, Double Gold and Diamond Feather Necklace and Rose Gold and Ruby Feather Earrings are clearly inspired by exotic birds. On the other hand, the Black Rhodium and Brown Diamond Leaf Ring and Paradise Pendant are inspired by tropical plants.

It should be noted that the above mentioned jewelry items are all part of the new Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which was presented during Paris Fall 2013 Couture Week at Galerie Aveline in Paris. The jewelry has since been featured in international fashion magazines such as Style.com and Vogue Brasil.

The new items certainly compliment the Niko Koulis jewelry collection, but the same general style pervades no matter when a Niko Koulis ring, pendant, necklace, earring or other jewelry item was made. Niko Koulis is a master of luxury and his jewelry items are made to grab and hold your attention. They are large, eye-catching and sure to inspire awe and wonder. Any outfit worn alongside these jewelry items is almost certain to be relegated to second place, as a Niko Koulis jewelry item is a masterpiece that almost always steals center stage.

Those who purchase this jewelry should expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $28,000 for any given item. However, for those who have seen Niko Jewelry close up and/or purchased items in the past, the end product is more than worth the high price tag.


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