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Most Expensive Limited Edition Hublot Big Bangs

Most Expensive Limited Edition Hublot Big Bangs

Watches and timepieces have long been an outdated piece of technology. Yet, luxury timepieces are selling more than ever. That’s because you can never underestimate the statement made by a powerful status symbol as a Hublot watch. Founded in 1980, this Swiss-based company boasts innovating the “world’s most expensive watches.” Here are the top 5 that you can buy right now (for the right price).

5. Hublot Bigger Bang – $260,000

This was the first watch to have a column wheel chronograph. It also has a Flying Tourbillon that measures 13 and ¼ lines. Basically this watch is a watch-lover’s greatest fantasy. The watch has a stunning 262 components created and regulated. The watch has a power reserve that can last for five days and is encrusted with 33 rubies.

4. Hublot Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon Limited Edition – $290,000

If someone tells you that this watch is the definition of rare and exclusive, that’s because there was only 18 pieces made. Ever. It features a single push-button above the crown. It also features 48 Baguette Diamonds, with the case featuring 212 diamonds.

3. Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000

This watch is unique because it comes with three settings:

1. Slow- An hour is shown as a quarter of an hour on the watch.

2. Normal- Time is told accurately.

3. Timewarp- The third setting speeds up time by interpreting each real quarter hour as one hour on the watch.

As one might imagine, the practical use of these settings is limited, but someone who is willing to dish out six figures for a watch probably isn’t looking for practical. Watch lovers will be able to appreciate the ability of this watch to complete the complicated movement that has been innovated by Hublot. It is a sporty and futuristic watch that is made of titanium and black rubber material. There were only 50 units produced.

2. Hublot Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang – $1 million

If diamonds are not your thing then maybe you will prefer the Black Caviar Bang for a cool million. The watch is made of white gold and weighs 18 carats, and won the Grand Prix de Geneve Jewellery Watch prize in 2009 for its elegant beauty. The case, crown, and clasp are all featured with baguette-cut black diamonds.

1. The Hublot $5 million – $5 million

You can guess where it gets its name. There are diamond-studded watches, and there are diamond encrusted watches. And then there is the Hublot $5 Million, which is the probably the closest thing mankind will ever develop into a solid-diamond watch. This watch is encrusted with 1,200 diamonds for a total weight of 140 carats. This watches development took 17 people and 14 months to complete, and people have since taken notice. American superstar Beyonce Knowles even bought one for her husband, Jay-Z, for his 43rd birthday.

No matter which of these extravagantly beautiful watches catches your fancy, you can always find one for the right price. Or at the very least, which knock-off version you would like to buy.


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