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Spotlight on: Mimi So

Spotlight on: Mimi So

Finding fantastic luxury jewelry brands that are willing to experiment with look, feel, and style of pieces can be incredibly hard. Most brands find a classic and traditional style and tend to stick to it. Tiffany and Co., Neil Lane, and others find on particular style that is timeless, and tend to model all pieces from that model. Though these traditional pieces are great for everyday wear, finding a great piece that is both timeless and statement making is incredibly exciting. Mimi So is a fairly new brand that is willing to experiment with the jewelry making process to create both timeless pieces that are great for everyday wear, and pieces that are loud enough to draw attention and that can bring the right kind of attention no matter what.

Mimi So is a great brand overall that creates a wide range of pieces. From traditional diamond and gold hoops that work with just about any outfit, to aquamarine bracelets that add a pop of color to any ensemble, the brand has something for everyone. With tons of pieces that feature fun colors, fun shapes, and tons of great stones that are not at all common, Mimi So is a brand that is incredibly innovative.

Some great pieces include trends like nautical themes, stones like opal and aquamarine, fun styles like bows, and tons of other trends that are great for summer. The main feature of this brand is use of color. They tend to take common styles like cluster earrings and add fun colors like pink and electric blue to take a traditional style and create something worthy of the 21st century.

This brand is perfect for young buyers that want to add fun and creative pieces to their precious jewelry collection and want to start with pieces that are fun, creative, and incredibly well made that will last for decades to come. This brand is great for wearers of all ages that are looking to incorporate some fun shapes, styles, and colors into their jewelry collection.


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