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Spotlight on: IWC

Spotlight on: IWC

IWC (which stands for International Watch Company) is one brand that stands apart from the crowd. Whether you are a fan of classic styles or you prefer a more modern approach to timepieces, you will find IWC to fit your needs perfectly.

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IWC Stainless Steel Aquatimer Automatic Wristwatch

The headquarters for the brand is in Switzerland, which oddly makes it the only Swiss watch company that is actually located in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1868 and has stood the test of time–providing fine timepieces for customers throughout the years.

The company has undergone many changes through the year–growing from a simple factory that housed just a few individual watchmakers, to one that houses many fine pieces of machinery. In addition to this, many noted watchmakers and engineers have worked for the company through the years. One of these watchmakers include Johann Vogel from Wangen an der Aare in Solothurn.

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IWC Stainless Steel Big Pilot Wristwatch with Date

Many people do not realize this, but IWC is the company that held the first patent on a digital watch. This is strange since the company is best known for the mechanical watches they produce today. The first digital watch was designed by an Austrian inventor who worked with IWC.

The company keeps very precise records on every watch created and sold by them since the company began. This is a very unique thing within the industry. For a small fee, a watchowner can request this information and obtain a history about his or her watch.

IWC Stainless Steel Big Pilot Wristwatch with Date red, iwc stainless steel watch

As you can see, IWC is an interesting company that has done a lot to change the face of the timekeeping and watchmaking industry. Anyone who is lucky enough to own an IWC watch owns a little piece of history. Take the time to learn about the current and historical watch offerings by this maker of fine watches and other related timekeeping accessories.


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