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Julianne Hough Gets $100,000 Dollars Worth Of Jewelry Stolen

Julianne Hough Gets $100,000 Dollars Worth Of Jewelry Stolen

Do you remember how well Ryan Seacrest took Simon Cowell’s insults on live television in front of millions while hosting the popular reality show talent show contest American Idol? Once again, Ryan has proven that he is the proverbial “Mr.Nice Guy. “

Apparently Ryan kept his cool when (now ex) girlfriend Julianne Hough left some of the bling he had given her in her parked Mercedes last Friday night.

Hollywood law enforcement authorities told TMZ that $100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from the car while Julianna was visiting friends at an apartment complex. Upon returning to the car a few hours later, she discovered an open door and three pieces of missing jewelry. The three stolen pieces, including a watch, were given to her by Seacrest.

It is not clear whether the popular singer-dancer-actress was distracted and forgot to lock the car, but sources say there was no sign of forced entry.

This is not the latest news however, concerning the couple. A press release from ABC news reports that People magazine told them that the couple broke up last Friday. The breakup apparently was because of busy work schedules. The couple had decided it would be best to live apart.

Seacrest, long-time host of American Idol also owns a television production company in addition to hosting a syndicated radio show. Miss Hough is a former Dancing With the Stars champion, and has appeared in at least two successful films, Safe Haven and Rock of Ages. She has also secured a career as a country music singer.

We know for sure that Ryan Seacrest, no matter what their current relationship is will not have a problem replacing the baubles, even if they were not insured. He reportedly is worth billions.

For everyone else, let this be a cautionary tale against leaving bling in your car.


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