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Sky Dweller Rolex 326934 Oyster Perpetual Review

Sky Dweller Rolex 326934 Oyster Perpetual Review

sky dweller rolex oystersteel black dial with certificate

Another Rolex classic collection, this week we are reviewing an Oyster Perpetual Rolex Sky Dweller. As it says  in the name these are wrist watches made for the skies. Whether you are the one flying the plane or jet setting across the skies. A Rolex Sky Dweller is made to be not only an elegant luxury watch but also a powerful tool for calculations. With a sleek black chronograph dial and increased visibility features the Sky Dweller gives you eyes in the sky so to speak. In one glance you have all the information you could need. Both on the time here and there. That is because of the Rolex Sky Dweller’s dual time zone setting mechanism. Directly on the dial you can keep track of time on the 24 hour display disc. Letting you know both the hour and the time of day in two locations at one glance.

So no matter how many time zones you are crossing your Rolex has always got the local and reference time. Beyond this powerful design feature the Sky Dweller also has anywhere from 11 to 14 patents protecting the precise functionalities. Innovative and refined the Sky Dweller is one of the finest of the Rolex collections. A true classic with strong calibre movements this sophisticated time piece is a cornerstone of any gentleman’s collection. A watch beyond its time this Sky Dweller combines the resistance and endurance of the Rolex Oyster steel with the innovations of the perpetual calendar in the date window display and the second time zone disc dial. It is an intricate dress watch that has a high polish shine and easily transitions for any occasion. The bevelled bezel gives an additional jewelry styled detailing to the watch making it a fine accessory fit for formal occasions too.

sky dweller rolex oystersteel black dial with certificate

Rolex Sky Dweller Oyster Perpetual

A signature Rolex precious metal alloy paired with an industry leading complication make this series of Rolex watches some of the most classic watches for men. A combination that brings together the style and aesthetic favored by gentlemen as well as the powerful functionality needed by pilots and high fliers on the move. It is a watch that favours the bold pushing boundaries of innovation and setting new standards when it comes to luxury accessories. It is strong on the inside and out. Not only perfect for styling with a transitional outfit that can take you from the plane to that meeting and out the evening in one stride. It’s high polish Oyster steel look is a classic and clean design that pairs well with the lovely contrasting black dial face. Further accentuated with the Chromalight hour markers and white gold hour and minute hands it is a sleek look.

Another unique aspect of this wrist watch that sets it apart is the lovely white gold fluted bezel. The intricate bevels radiating away from the black dial catch and reflect light in a gorgeous pattern. It also adds an element of texture and visual contrast to the smoothness of the Oyster steel three link bracelet. Further the fluted crown, detailed as such for ease in adjusting the time, adds as a continuation of the unique bezel. Catching light from all angles these details add aesthetic value that make this watch glint and glimmer. It is not all just for looks though. The crown for example is part of what makes it so easy to keep time in two different zones. The 24 hour dual time disc is set using a mechanism that allows you to adjust it independently. In this way you can change the hour without affecting local time.

sky dweller rolex oystersteel black dial on wrist

Rolex Oyster steel

The case of this incredible perpetual Sky Dweller Rolex is made from the trademarked Oyster steel alloy. This strong and durable precious metal mixture is part of the 904L steel family. These are some of the most exceptional levels of steel that exist in the world. The steel metals that are considered to be part of this grade of steel are used in more than just fine watches. It is primarily found in use in the aerospace, chemical and high technology industries. As always Rolex pushes the boundaries of the possible when it comes to fine and luxury pieces. Hence their intent focus on using the finest and most powerful materials available to the world. All of the Oyster steel used in their time pieces are forged at their in house foundry. This is how the Rolex brand ensures that they continue to maintain their level of excellence in production.

Particularly when it comes to the purity and quality of the metals that they use. Highly durable and incredibly strong the Oyster steel metal was first introduced into the world as the first ever waterproof case for a fine watch. Robust and absolutely impenetrable their innovative design system to keep water out was reinforced by the Oyster steel alloy. The anti corrosion properties of the Oyster steel are what initially drove the creation process. As of course for the first water proof watch you would need a resistant metal. The low carbon and high alloy steel mixture contains additives of copper, chromium, nickel and molybdenum. A trademarked name ties it all together so you can trust in a Rolex quality item with the Oyster steel pieces. It maintains its beauty and higher level of polished shine even when exposed to harsh conditions, whether in the air or below the sea.

sky dweller rolex oystersteel black dial back

The three link bracelet

The bracelet is an Oyster steel stainless steel bracelet in the traditional Rolex three link bracelet design. It is extremely durable and resistant to scratching and scuffing from wear. Beyond a highly comfortable fit and seamless attachment to the lugs this iconic bracelet also adds texture to the monochromatic steel look of this watch. This bracelet was introduced in the 1930s by Rolex as a robust and durable standard. The flat three link bracelet became the the mainstay staple of the Oyster collection and is in fact one of the most widely recognized aspects of a Rolex watch. Followed by the universally known bi-directional rotating bezel. Fitted to all of the professional watches made by Rolex the three link bracelet is a perfect match. It is both simply timeless and figuratively masculine. As well as suitable for the more classic style of watch like the Datejust and Day Date watches.

The three link bracelet in Oyster steel can be equipped with almost any of the Rolex clasps. Now with such a durable metal you can bet that the clasps are made to remain. Fitted and comfortable the bracelet is versatile. Whether the clasp is an Oysterclasp, Oysterlock or Crownclasp any of these can be paired with the Easylink comfort extension link system. This system permits the wearer to actively adjust the size of the bracelet. The Easylink comfort extension allows you to seamlessly extend the length of the bracelet yourself at a moment’s notice. Particularly for a traveller’s watch like this Sky Dweller the Easylink functionality is a small adjustment that can make a big difference. Truly a watch you never have to take off the Oyster steel Sky Dweller can handle anything it is thrown. Whether that is friction, water or extended hours of wear it’s beautiful and comfortable.

The black chronograph dial

Not all chronographs are made equally. As with everything Rolex is of course a leader. When it comes to chronograph dials Rolex has a unique calibre movement. It is a 4130 movement assembled exclusively and admired widely. It incorporates approximately 290 components within it. This is far fewer than a standard chronograph. It is a symphony of simplicity. A simple, refined and elegant feat of horlogerie. However this was just the beginning. From 2000 to 2012 the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky Dweller came to be. It is a technological feat. A masterpiece made for world travellers. Not only does it have a chronograph dial but also the innovative dual time zone. An innovative annual calendar further accentuates this dial.

The functions are quick and easy to set. The astronomical phenomenon Saros inspired this calendar. And it shows clearly through the cyclops eye. An augmentation lens located directly on top of the date window. You only have to do a date adjustment once a year. As the powerful movements keep you right on time. Not in one but two time zones. The dial is quite large as the case is an impressive 42 millimetres. The final touch for this fabulous watch is the Ring Command bezel.

sky dweller rolex oystersteel black dial on its side

The beveled bezel

Firstly the bezel is a gorgeous and detailed feature on this monochromatic watch. Radiating from the black dial and creating space between the watch face and the three link Oyster bracelet this dial is exquisite. However it is not just looks. Like everything from Rolex you know that the innovation and powerful machinations are through through deeply. For each and every single component. This bezel is no different. Referred to as the Ring Command bezel it does a lot more than you think. For the second time zone disc display on the dial this bezel connects to the micromechanics inside the watch. This allows you to use the hidden functionality to set the Sky Dweller complications. Internally it is highly complex however it only uses 60 components in true Rolex fashion. Used with the winding crown you can move specific functions to the correct setting.

Seems like something out of spy movie to you? Well it is extremely simple to use while also being easy to keep water resistant and clean. The way to use this sneaky mechanism is to first unscrew the crown to the first stop. Then begin to turn the Ring Command to the correct setting. Finally using the winding crown to set that specific function to the appropriate setting you are looking for. There are no buttons and no special tools required on the contrary it is a sleek and simple process. When you turn the bezel it activates the geared pin that connects to the movement inside the watch. So that as you spin to reach the correct setting it adjusts accordingly. A truly fine touch to an impressive watch it is one of the reasons we love the Rolex Sky Dweller. 

sky dweller rolex oystersteel black dial close up

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