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Simon G. vs. Gabriel & Co.

We’ve said before – and we’ll say again – that we don’t play favorites. We honestly couldn’t if we tried. We can’t walk by our own showcases without falling in love with several rings, so to choose just one…or even just one designer…defies the laws of logic. So between Simon G. and Gabriel & Co.? We can’t decide who’s best.

That being said, we love nothing more than comparing and contrasting our designer engagement rings. Isolating what makes one spectacular and the other jaw-dropping. Checking out the details that make them so different from one another, and seeing if any patterns or trends emerge from looking at a designer’s collection as a whole.

So today, we want to highlight some of the differences between two of the designer engagement ring brands at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We don’t prefer one to the other – it’s an impossible choice – but we do love both, and we do know what makes them so unique.

First, let’s talk about their similarities.

  • Both have funky, bold designs that are really unique. These are our first suggestions for brides who want something a little different from their designer engagement ring.
    – Both excel at rose gold (though Simon G. rose gold tends toward the cooler tone, where Gabriel’s is very warm.)
  • Both designers handcraft every single one of their rings right here in the States. (USA! USA!)
  • Both are well suited to white gold & rose.
  • However they both come in all three gold alloys, including traditional 14kt yellow (Gabriel) and 18kt yellow (Simon G.) Simon G. rings can also be ordered in platinum.
  • Both are budget friendly designers; handmade with artisan care, using super high end materials, but Simon G.’s use of creative setting for smaller diamonds make it really affordable. Gabriel strives to make designer touches affordable for every couple using minimal metals and lots of emphasis on the diamonds to help you save.

They have a lot in common! But what makes them special?

Gabriel & Co…

  • Is the go-to for a great halo. Their setting style uses shared prongs and pristine diamonds to create pave and micropave that glitters from every angle.
  • They also make our favorite “abstract” rings. This designer excels at futuristic, fresh ways to interpret things like bypass rings, multi-halos and even three stone rings. They do back to the future just as well as they do antique style engagement rings.

Simon G. …

  • Is the king of nature inspired jewelry, and the engagement rings are no exception. If you’ve ever admired a ring with vine or floral motifs, you have GOT to check out Simon G. There are a few special collections inspired by nature that use intertwining vines, leaves and flowers beautifully.
  • These rings also include our favorite mosaics. Simon G. has a magic way of setting baguettes, rounds and princess cuts nearly invisibly so they create the visual impression of one large diamond – but sparklier. The smaller, more numerous facets catch and reflect light beautifully, making for an extra dazzling ring that costs a fraction of what a similar sized solitaire would.

Both designers have a style all their own, and both create stunning works of art. Like we’ve insisted – we can’t choose our favorite. But you certainly can! Tell us who wins in this face off.


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