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So this is where gold comes from?

So this is where gold comes from?

You would not be wrong if you said that the world’s gold comes from gold mines deep below the surface of the earth. It is also true that you can pan for gold in shallow river beds and that there is a hoard of gold kept securely locked away in a vault in Fort Knox.

Central banks around the world buy and sell gold all of the time to increase or decrease the money supply in reaction to economic conditions. There is always a very liquid market if you want to buy or sell gold. Gold bullion sells for roughly the spot price on the world commodity markets while gold jewelry sells for the spot value of gold plus the value added due to design, craftsmanship, unique qualities and rarity of the individual piece.

So the question that might be running through your mind is how and when did gold form on the earth. The answer is simple if you believe that “God” created the earth and everything on the planet. While you certainly have the right to your personal religious convictions, for those who want a more earthly explanation, you must turn to science.

Scientists and Astrophysicists who study the heavens above use complex formulas and theories to find answers to the world’s most hard to answer questions. Einstein’s theory of relativity is impossible for most of us to grasp beyond the basic notion that it is possible to travel back in time.

The recent observation by astrophysicists of a gamma-ray burst, light years away from earth, may be the answer to the question of, where does gold comes from? According to the theory, the collision of two neutron stars causes a catalytic reaction that creates gold and other “stuff” that is ejected by the force of arguably the biggest known explosive force in the universe. Over eons of time, some of that gold, from numerous such collisions, wound up on earth.


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