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Sell Diamonds in Boca

Sell Diamonds in Boca

30 Years in the Jewelry Business

No business can be in business for over 30 years if the business did not operate with trust and integrity. Raymond Lee Jewelers, established in 1983, and known as South Florida’s most trusted name in jewelry sales and service. Consumers know who to trust their jewelry and sell diamonds Boca Raton for fair market prices.

Through the last 30 years, this jewelry business has operated on trust and integrity selling and buying all kinds of quality luxury jewelry, gold and diamonds and precious gems at more than fair prices.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is proud of our quality customer service, and professional staff to meet the needs of every customer entering their store or at our online site. New customers are always impressed at Raymond Lee’s professional jewelry customizations.

Raymond Lee has always carried an extensive collection of vintage and designer jewelry. No matter if, you are buying, selling, or just want to chat, stop by soon and look through our GIA certified diamonds and luxury timepieces.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is a leader in the jewelry and luxury watch business, as this is the goal we’ve worked so hard to achieve since 1983. Many consumers come to Raymond Lee Jewelers to glean knowledge and insight in appraisals of their valuable luxury jewelry and diamonds. Our skilled staff is here to service their clientele and educate their customers who are looking to sell or buy valuable items. The business has many beautiful unlimited hi-resolution images.

Selling or Buying? What Can We Do for You?

Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring 4.10ct Round GIA CertificatePlatinum Diamond Engagement Ring 4.10ct Round GIA Certificate

Good, honest people who need extra cash and want to sell their valuable jewlery and diamonds need to know what their diamonds, luxury watches and valuable jewlery are worth. They need to go to a dealer who will educate them and meet their needs with a fair price on the jewerly pieces they want to sell.

Are you looking to engage a reliable jewelry business in buying your jewelry, diamonds, gold or silver, but do not know where to go and whom to trust?

Some customers at Raymond Lee are young people selling jewelry they inherited or may have received as a quality jewelry gift, and now they want to sell the item at a fair price.

We have had customers who are seniors and are looking to sell some of their diamonds to allow more funds for travel and retirement fun. Lately, we have had a number of customers who are head of the house and need funds for emergency purposes or fast cash due to the economy.

This business has met the needs of hundreds of couples who are in the market for engagement and diamond wedding sets. Word of mouth over the years has made us the diamond specialists in Boca Raton.

Where You Sell Diamond jewelry Boca Raton, Meets Quality Diamond buyers Boca Raton at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Clients with vintage or estate diamonds for sale consistently visit us for diamond appraisals. Word of mouth has gotten around over the last 30 years that we are the quality diamond buyers in Boca Raton. We have helped thousands of consumers sell diamonds, Boca Raton.

You need to go to a dealer who will educate and meet your needs with a fair price on the jewelry pieces you want to sell. The second goal of this jewelry business is to help you sell your expensive jewelry and watches knowledgeably. You need to know that there are buyers who take advantage of people like you who are selling valuable jewlery items.

These notorious buyers count on the fact that you are not knowledgeable about precious gems, diamonds, silver and gold. These unscrupulous buyers count on the fact that you are not aware of the actual resale value of your expensive jewels and luxury watches.

Our goal is education while we have fun with our customers in a friendly way. Our goal is that you get an honest price when selling and purchase at honest prices the jewelry piece you long to take home. We want consumers to stay safe and never regret a buying or selling transaction.

It is important that you are never so knowledgeable that you can never learn something new. This holds true for our skilled staff of professionals.

It is important to know as much as you can about your diamonds when it comes to buying and selling for the best price. Know your diamonds 4 C’s. Know what the cut of the diamond is, know the color of your diamond, be knowledgeable in the clarity of the diamond and lastly know the carat weight of the diamond.

Sell Diamonds Boca Raton

14k White Gold 4.50ctw Diamond Bubble Bracelet

Know these four basics because they will determine what the diamond (s) are worth. When you sell diamond jewelry Boca Raton, Raymond Lee Jewelry can go over the 4 C’s with you and explain how they are determined.

You will find our business independently certified to give you an accurate grading of your diamond. However, when you come to see one of our professional staff ask to see our certification, this is a wise thing to do anywhere you take your diamonds to sell.

Buying the Perfect Diamond for You

It is important you set a budget amount. When you purchase a real diamond, know about the clarity of the diamond, and if the diamond has a lifetime guarantee towards discoloration and fading.

Chose the setting carefully as the setting is what shows off your beautiful diamond. There are ways in which Raymond Lee Jewelry can make your diamond look larger. Some diamonds look better in white gold, and some look better in yellow gold. Our professionals are experts at helping you decide what is best.


Rolex White Gold Pearlmaster 80359 Mother of Pearl Dial Diamond Watch

Another one of our expertise is the watch industry. Our custom timepiece repair department is timely and precise in repairing your watch whether you bought it here or somewhere else. If you are in the market for an excellent timepiece, we have a watch to fit all types of budgets and needs.

Selling Your Watch

There are scores of jewelers in storefronts and online who are in the market for buying pre-owned watches. We want you to know that this is a big business globally. It is very important you use caution when selling.

Another one of our prime goals is to educate you in the correct selling of your luxury watch so that you can get a fair market price. When you start to research information, you will find this a frustrating task because there is so much information in the public about luxury watches.

Your Watch Has How Many Carats

Some of this information is spot on, but some is not correct. Do not forget that our company is in business for the consumer and our knowledge is correct and free. We want to help educate you; so that you know when you do sell your timepiece, you are getting a fair price. The following are some points we can educate you on before you sell.

• Know if your timepiece is one of big names on today’s market

• Are you selling a Rolex, Cartier, Omega or some other big name timepiece?

• Know how popular of a timepiece you are selling

• Does your watch have diamonds in the center of the works?

• What kind of metal are your watch and how many carats?

• Know what you are talking about when you are asked about the carrots and do not be cheated when you sell your luxury watch.

Appraisal Warning

Lastly, Raymond Lee Jewelers recommends that consumers do not go to anyone for luxury jewelry appraisals unless the appraiser is certified, and is established, known, reliable, and trusted in the luxury jewelry business.

Good, honest people who need extra cash and want to sell their valuable jewelry and diamonds need to know what their diamonds and luxury jewelry are worth and need to get a fair market price. You can rest assured when you sell diamonds Boca Raton, you will get your fair price and if needed a wonderful education.


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