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Rose Gold Engagement Rings – Is The Trend Here to Stay?

Rose gold engagement rings are the biggest trend in bridal jewelry since the halo. But what’s behind this “trend?” First, we have to do a little history homework. While the resurgence of rose gold engagement rings really began in earnest two or three years ago, this particular style is nothing new.

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Rose gold was originally called Russian Gold, and was developed by Carl Faberge for use in his famous eggs. The alloy combines copper with yellow gold to create the beautiful blush tone we all know and love. As the allow became more popular around the world, it lost its ties to Imperial Russia and is now known typically as rose gold – though some brands and designers use the term “pink gold” or a proprietary alloy like Rolex’s Everose.

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The exact shade of rose gold varies from designer to designer because they use different ratios of copper to gold. The more copper added to the mix, the redder the gold will be. The most traditional ratio is 75% gold and 22.5% copper, with silver making up the rest to brighten things up. In some of our pinker rose gold engagement rings, like Uneek’s, you can see how the added white metal makes the rose gold cooler in tone. Hold a Uneek engagement ring next to a Verragio rose gold engagement ring, for example, and you’ll notice the subtle differences between the two colors.

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But before its reintroduction into modernity, rose gold reigned supreme in the Roaring 20’s. Designers like Cartier couldn’t get enough of this decadent color and used it liberally in designs. It was enormously popular until the Stock Market crash of 1929. Then, Art Deco designs shifted to Art Nouveau, and clean, stark white metals – especially platinum – became en vogue. This white out lasted until WWII, when platinum was designated for war materials, not jewelry. It was then that yellow gold and rose gold made their reappearance, but rose gold to a much lesser extent. It gently faded from popularity…for about 100 years. Now, our brides can’t get enough of it.

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Finding an antique or vintage rose gold engagement ring is a tall order – we’re happy to help, but it’s a lot easier to find platinum. What we recommend is checking out our designer engagement rings that are vintage style. They combine modern jewelry design technology with inimitable vintage elements to create something amazing. And every single one of the designers we carry offers their creations in beautiful rose gold.

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But don’t think that a rose gold engagement ring means you’re excluded from modern design. Nope! Those same designers, from A. Jaffe to Verragio take their most current designs, be it a classic solitaire or a modern abstract design, and give it the rose gold touch. This metal breathes warmth into every style it touches without distracting from the essence of the design.

We can’t say enough wonderful things about rose gold engagement rings, rose gold wedding rings, and rose gold jewelry in general. It flatters every skin tone, makes virtually any diamond look amazing, and is the perfect way to make your dream engagement ring even more customized.


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