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For Rolex, Rolex Datejust 31 Lady Purple is more than just a timepiece made for sales. For watch lovers also, it is more than just a watch you can wear. Rolex Datejust is a timepiece that similarly functions as a piece of high jewelry.

The Swiss watch powerhouse, Rolex took its time to recreate one of its trademark styles. But, this time, you have colorful dials surrounded by diamonds to go with it. Rolex Datejust 31 Lady Purple is a Rolex design intended majorly for a female audience of Rolex lovers.

The dimensions of this luxury watch give it an obvious upgrade in wrist presence when compared with the 28mm model. The Rolex Datejust 31 is rapidly coming to be the most prominent piece among women watch enthusiasts. This is a highly adaptable watch with a wide collection of choices.

These most current releases are just two new references. They are all pieces of the recent ref. 278xxx series. Three of them vary solely in dial color. While the fourth has an included diamond bezel to set it apart. Then, there are two kinds of bracelets available.


The Rolex Datejust wristwatch came into limelight on Rolex’s 40th anniversary in 1945. The watch design created a blend of a duo of the 115-year-old Swiss watchmaker’s prominent creations.

  •         First is the waterproof Oyster case created in 1926.
  •         And, the signature perpetual self-winding movement.

One more inclusion! This watch design again revealed a new and third creation. That is the first-ever dial window made on a wrist chronometer. With this, the watch can automatically show what the date is.

This design was first created in 18-karat yellow gold, champagne gold, and purple. It was then crowned with alpha-shaped pointers and a moderately fluted bezel. The Datejust further introduced the now-legendary Jubilee bracelet. The bracelet came with a grand five-piece interlocking formation.

Although this wrist was originally developed for men, it took a different course very quickly. In no time at all, it was a hit with women. The popularity with women went as far as having Rolex launch the more delicate and elegant Lady Datejust 31 in 1957.

This feminine style has since come to be one of the watchmaker’s trademarks. It is available in several colors and gem-covered iterations. The new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 is the newest on its long list of recreations.

Overview: Watch Description

The face of this watch is available in dark gray, white, lacquer, mint green, and rich aubergine. The last one is the most attractive of the varieties.

Using a bezel outfitted in 46 vibrant-cut diamonds, the watch dial retains 18-karat white-gold pointers. There are also the Roman numerals, with a “VI” rimed in extra diamonds. The watch originated or emerged out of a combination of steel and gold. It has been a signature design since 1933.

The fitting of the watch comes with a flat, three-piece wristband. This fit design was initially developed in the late 1930s revealing a sense of Art Deco allure. On a side, it is a grand timepiece and on another, it is a beautiful adorning jewel. Either way, it is one piece with synchronized objectives.

Rolex Datejust 31: History

The first released Datejust watch was a 36mm model. This model came into existence in 1945. Afterward, it took over ten more years before the Lady-Datejust came out in a small size of 26mm.

That release followed up a few years later with the 31mm, which came out at the end of the 1950s. The 31mm model provided an agreeable midway juncture between the particularly smallest timepiece and the 34mm model (the Date).

The Rolex 31mm Datejust would proceed to be one version of the Rolex watch that sold the best among women. It still occupies that position even presently. In fact, we now have more varieties in the existing catalog of this size than we have of the Lady-Datejust watch itself. Lady Datejust as well improved in size in 2015 to 28mm.

Custom Diamond Rolex Bustdown Datejust 41

Main Features

  •         Every model comes with a white rolesor.
  •         Dials variety in colors include Mint Green, Dark Grey, Aubergine, and White Lacquer
  •         The aubergine dial model comes with an Oyster bracelet and a diamond bezel
  •         Other models with fluted bezel fittings came in 18k white gold
  •         Green and grey models for the jubilee bracelet
  •         The Oyster bracelet has a white dial model
  •         All models emerged from the Rolex Cal. 2236 using the Syloxi hairspring
  •         The price at retail varies between $7,800 to $16,050

This Rolex watch may be nowhere close to the blinding selection of dials used for the new crop of Oyster Perpetuals. Yet, the new varieties of Datejust 31 models reveal a fascinating assortment of faces. There are the eye-catching faces and the understated ones.

Rolex Datejust 31 References

·         Aubergine (REF. 278384 RBR)

This variety is certainly the most stunning and notable. It is a part of the ref. 278384 RBR. This watch’s dial is a deep aubergine with a sunray glow.

The Hour markers appear in Roman numeral form. The sixth-hour marker (VI) features about eleven (11) diamonds. Extra 46 bright cut stones are also tailored to surround the bezel.

Similar to the rest in the series, this variety comes with a white Rolesor. This further implies that they designed its crown, case, and bracelet using Rolex’s unique Oyster steel. The bezel on its end features up to 18K white gold.

Note that the White Rolesor is different from the eve rosé or yellow kinds. The eve rosé employs precious metal to create the bracelet links at the center and the crown. It also makes up the bezel. That way, you have a real two-tone appearance. Due to this, white Rolesor versions are likely the least costly.

·         Mint green (REF. 278274)

There is also the mint green dial watch variety. This version wears a sunray glow too even though the dial doesn’t appear that ‘minty’. The appearance is actually even closer to the “olive green” color, which is similar to the kind captioned on specific Day-Date 40 watches.

Still, it comes with a jubilee bracelet and a white gold fluted bezel. The bracelet is the most sophisticated of Rolex’s three metals wristbands. It gets better with its five disjointed semi-circular connections.

With all these, the watch has a remarkably intricate, and refined air. The dial comes with ordinary baton hour pointers.

·         White Lacquer (REF. 278274)

The white lacquer dial model is contentiously the least conventional of the four varieties. Its coating gives it a brilliant, casual appearance.

Plus, it fits perfectly on the sporty three-way Oyster bracelet. With the blend of the lovely fluted bezel and the Roman figures indexes, you still have a graceful piece. This watch can be worn as a dress watch for outings.

·         Dark grey (REF. 278274)

And finally, there is the sunray dark grey dial timepiece. This is the most undercover, and easily fashionable inclusion.

If you need something that would not attract too much attention but still sit comfortably, this is your go-to guy. It likewise comes with a white gold fluted bezel and a five-link Jubilee bracelet. It is a catch for the conservative watch fans.

Rolex Datejust 31: Details And Description

This is a norm for most Rolex designs made in the modern age. You will have the arrows and hour markers made from white gold. This is exactly the case with all four of the recent Datejust 31 models

The two versions that have baton indexes (the Dark Grey and Mint Green) reveal markers filled up with Rolex’s distinctive luminescent substance, Chromalight. These two versions have their hands with little lume strips as well.

The two versions of the bracelet come with distinct clasp systems.

  •         For the Oyster bracelet with the white dial pieces and the aubergine, there is the Easylink extension and the Oysterclasp. With this, you can increase the bracelet length to about 5mm without using any tool.
  •         The Jubilee bracelet possesses the covert Crownclasp. This clasp system was initially released on the Day-Date’s President bracelet. The clasp lends the appearance of one smooth band, with just the Rolex coronet being the joint marker.

When you take all of that out, you have it as it should be. Cyclops lens covers the date display when viewed from the three o’clock window. It can again be modified effortlessly using the crown and the Quickset procedure.

The sapphire crystal is resistant to scratch and very strong. This timepiece is suited with Rolex’s Twinlock system. This addition provides a water-resistant feature of about 100m.

Even as the Rolex Datejust is just as regular as a wristwatch can be, it is made using one of the most cutting-edge calibers that have been produced.

Rolex DateJust 31: The Movements

You may not have them very pronounced or given that much attention. Yet, the movements that power the varieties of Rolex’s ladies’ watches are even more prolific than their bigger models. The job they have to do is pretty much the same. Plus, they are similarly expected to maintain a set standard of accuracy. However, they are expected to do all these with far lesser elements and relatively closed leniencies.

The record for the most first-time pass rate at the COSC (the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute)  is held to date by the calibers discovered inside the preceding productions of the women’s DateJust watches. The Cal. 21xx series especially!

New assortment of the 28mm and 31mm DateJust models are all functioning on the Cal. 2236 power. This caliber is also present in the 34mm Pearlmaster and the 37mm Yacht-Master. This was the first Rolex movement to possess a silicon hairspring.

Referred to as Syloxi, it has numerous merits and edges over regular hairsprings. Silicon, as a substance, doesn’t require greasing. It is likewise not influenced by magnetic fields.

To add to this, the spring is covered in an oxide coating. Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) is used to maintain a temperature-resistant piece. Regardless, Rolex already had a self-owned hairspring material known as the Parachrom.

Particularly, it is believed that Syloxi surpasses even that material. Now, Rolex has continually generated different ways to keep it more durable in various directions.

Presently, the Syloxi and blue Parachrom hairsprings are both functional.  They are used for a long array of model compilation. We wait to know if the silicon component will begin to substitute for the older part.

Rolex Datejust 31: The Varieties

Presently, you can only find the smallest two iterations in the Datejust varieties available in solid gold. For the rest of them like, the 41mm, the 36mm, and the 34mm pieces, the steel and gold mix of Rolesor is the closest they can get. Aside from this, there are other varieties. Keep reading to find out.

Datejust 31 Model Varieties

We have left are seven vast varieties of the Datejust 31 model. They are:

  •         White Rolesor
  •         Everose Rolesor
  •         Yellow Rolesor
  •         Stainless Steel
  •         18k All White Gold, All-Yellow Gold and All-Everose Gold

Bezel Varieties

There are three different bezel varieties. They are: The fluted, smooth and gem-set.

Bracelet Varieties

There are also three types of bracelets namely The President, Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.

Hour Markers Varieties

There is an aggregate of four different types of hour markers namely:

  •         Batons
  •         Roman numerals
  •         Arabic numerals
  •         Gem-set

Finally, there is a massive number of dials. The differences are in the colors, and materials they are made from.

All of these varieties are transposable. A model variety can be mixed with any of the three bezel varieties, any of the color of dials, any of the bracelet varieties, and any chosen index. All of these peculiarities justify the edge this timepiece possesses as an edge over others.


On a final note, it is somewhat disjointed. This confusion is why the Datejust 31 is simply the most chameleonic product coming from Rolex’s complete catalog. You can have a whole lot of probable varieties. Having two similar ones will be an unusual surprise. You can also check out different types of Rolex Datejust here



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