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Rolex 118238

Rolex 118238

Features of the Rolex 118238

Rolex watches are among the most sought-after watches in the world. As expected, people are always looking for the special Day-Date collection. The iconic Rolex Day-Date watch is one popular series among watch collectors. And it has Rolex 118238 Day-Date Watch as one of its stars. But just how special is a Rolex 118238? 

Rolex 118238 is a line of luxury Day-Date watches with all the features and complexities. Of course, these features set it apart from the others. The Rolex 118238 Day-Date Watch is one of the most luxurious watches made by the brand. The dial of the Rolex Day-Date has a unique appearance, and many people recognize it. It not only maintains a consistent aesthetic appearance. It also includes many outstanding features. This Rolex Day-Date watch has a unique president bracelet built with gold and solid links. Little wonder the timepiece is heavy on the wrist.

Features of the Rolex 11828 

There are many things about the Rolex 118238 Day-Date Watch that contribute to its uniqueness. These characteristics are responsible for the benefits that emerge from using the timepiece. So, here are some of the biggest, most impressive features to look out for about Rolex 118238: 

  • Movement

When it comes to Rolex 118238 Day-Date Watch, a self-winding movement seems most fitting. The fact that it is self-winding is one of the things that make it a special timepiece. And, of course, there is a certification attached to it. In record, their ability to self-wind has been officially certified. 

  • Caliber Movement

The earliest version of the Rolex 118238 has the 3155 caliber movement. This caliber movement is the same as the earlier versions of Rolex. After 2015, there was a visible change in the caliber movement of the Rolex 118238. This happened because of the boast Rolex’s new chronometer accuracy rating of -2/+2 seconds per day. Instead of the norm, the Rolex Cal. 3155 upgraded to driving the center hour, minute and second hands. It also provided instant dates and days through the window dial. 

  • Case Size

The case size for the Rolex 118238, like for other timepieces, holds the watch together. The case size is the outside diameter of the body of the watch. And in most cases, a classic case size ranges from 34mm to 36 mm. For the Rolex 118238, the case size is 36mm. 

  • Materials

The Rolex 118238 has 18 Yellow Gold which means that it consists of 75% gold. And, of course, the remaining 25% is alloy. Out of the 24 parts that make up the gold, 18 of the parts are pure gold. This is why we call it the 18 gold. 

  • Dial

The dial of the watch is one of the most important parts. We know it for the ability to display time. And we also know it displays day through numbers, roman numerals or digits. The dial is active in a Rolex 118238. With this type of Rolex Day date, the dial can be in different forms. For the Gold Rolex 118238, the dial is Champagne. It has 8 round diamond hour markers, two baguettes, and a black chapter ring. The Rolex day-date 36 white mother of pearl has a different dial. For this type of Day-Date and this version of 118238, the dial is Analog. It displays the date at 3 o’clock and the day at 12 o’clock. The dial has yellow gold-tone hands and diamond hour markers too.

  • Bezel

The outer case of your Rolex adds beauty and glamor to it. Hence, we cannot overlook the importance of a Bezel in a Rolex watch. The metallic or ceramic ring that surrounds the watch’s face is essential in a Rolex 118238. The bezel of a Rolex 118238 is a fixed-fluted 18k yellow gold. 

  • Crystal 

The crystal of the watch is what makes the timepiece transparent. And, of course, what makes it easy to see the face of the watch. Until the 20th century, most watch crystals were acrylic. The acrylic crystal excelled in durability. And while it was also good at bang resistance, it was not good at resisting scratch. So, the watchmakers introduced the sapphire crystal to resist scratches. With the sapphire crystal, you can expect your watch to be durable. You should also expect it to be bang resistant and scratch-resistant. The Rolex 118238 is one of the watches made after the 20th century. So, the watchmakers designed it with a sapphire crystal. It also has a flat w/ clops lens. The Cyclops lens is useful for magnifying the date display. And, of course, perfect for enhancing the date aperture. 

  • Twinclock Screw-down for Water Résistance 

Of course, you should expect the Rolex 118238 to have a reasonable level of water resistance. Like the previous Day-Date 36, the 118238 has a Twinlock screw-down winding crown. This feature makes it possible for the watch to resist water. It also has a screw-down case back and scratch-resistant sapphire. These two make it possible to resist water. In reality, the Role 118238 timepiece can resist water up to 100 meters / 330 feet 

  • Strap/Bracelet

Bracelets play a core role in providing aesthetics for the watch. There are different types of Rolex Bracelet designs. But for the Rolex 118238, the most suitable bracelet design is the oyster bracelet. The President bracelet is also another one suitable for the Rolex 118238. An oyster bracelet has many features that make it outstanding among many designs. It is comfy, dependable and well-dressed. So, it is a perfect option for a timepiece like the Rolex 118238. The President bracelet is also worthy of note. It has rounded links, and  has a Crownclasp which is elegant and hard to miss. 

  • Price

From being an 18k yellow gold to its in-house foundry production, this one excels among its peers. Hence, we do not deny the uniqueness of the Rolex 118238 timepiece. And as expected, the uniqueness propels its value on the market. Besides, the Rolex 118238 emerges from one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world. So, again, we should not expect anything mediocre when it comes to value. 

While these things contribute to the price, its distinguishing features do the most. In essence, the Rolex Day-Date 118238 will offer different market prices due to some features. The watch’s set, dial style, and condition are the most influential. The presence of paperwork and infusion of diamonds will also affect the price. So, when buying, it is more about the most satisfactory model and features. 

History of Rolex 118238 

We know the Rolex 118238 as an icon of success and luxury. But what are the roots of this particular watch?

History of Rolex 118238

Unveiled in 2000, Rolex 118238 became a replacement for the Rolex 18238. It was the first wristwatch to come with yellow gold. But before the Rolex 118238, the mother, Rolex Day-Date came in 1956. The Day-Date came into the Rolex market and shook things up. First with its special feature. It was the first watch to display the date and day of the week. And to make it more superior, the timepiece spelt the day and date in full through the window dial. 

Over time, the Rolex day-date became known as “the president’s watch”. This is largely due to its association with world leaders. 

A typical example is Lyndon B Johnson. The 36th American resident wore the timepiece many times during his reign. In the years that followed its first series, watchmakers worked on its improvement. 

The Rolex 118238 that we associate with 2000 is an improved version of the Rolex 18238. While the Rolex 128238 is a later version of the Rolex 118238. One thing is for sure, Rolex does not shy away from evolution. 

The appeal of the Rolex 118238

The watchmakers indeed created other models after the Rolex 118238. But, there is no denying that this timepiece has stood out. Some of the most remarkable things about this Rolex model make them appealing. 

The Appeal of the Rolex 118238

Beyond the features and the look, there are other benefits to using a Rolex 118238. Here are some pros of using the Rolex 118238. If you find the advantages worthy, you can get in touch here to learn more or get one for yourself. 

  • The Iconic Design of the Rolex 118238

There is an obvious special element about the way 118238 looks. The beauty is because it has one of the most iconic and luxurious designs in Rolex watches history. Or, at the very least, the history of Rolex Day-Date watches. 

While creating this piece, the watchmakers used the best materials. They entertained the use of some of the most precious metals while making the Rolex 118238. With a solid 18k yellow gold being the major metal used for this timepiece, it is easy to see the beauty. And, of course, not a surprise that it is one of the most memorable Day-Date Rolex models. One thing is for sure; the design of this masterpiece will not leave your memory fast. 

  • The Durability of the Rolex 118238

Here is another reason the Rolex 118238 timepiece makes the list of most coveted watches. Because of its resilience and the ability to stand the test of time, it outshines others. It is also special for its capacity to resist scratches and water. Not every luxury watch is durable or lasting. But, the Rolex 118238’s major advantage is its ability to stay many years without getting worn out. And yes, it is the type of timepiece that you wear all day, every day, without getting worried. 

It is a durable timepiece because it has one of the best features; the oyster case. The oyster case is a star component of the timepiece. It has a waterproof screw-down crown. And that is not all; It also has a protective sapphire crystal over the dial. Combining these powerful features gives the piece the leeway to last long. 

  • Rolex 118238 is for Everyone

We are not surprised that the Rolex 118238 timepiece is one of the most popular Rolex day-date. After all, it has some of the most iconic features and is one of the most memorable pieces. 

Without a doubt, we trust all the great things about the piece. So, both men and women desire it. In other words, this luxury watch is a perfect fit for both men and women. And yes, Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Rihanna have worn it. While these people are women, history also shows that many popular men have been wearing it too. These men include Justin Theroux, Adam Levine, and Eddie Murphy. 

Benefits of using the Rolex 118238
  • Rolex 118238 Has Balance

If you are familiar with Rolex watches, you know a perpetual movement causes balance. Like other Rolex collections and models, the Rolex 118238 also has perpetual movement. They are self-winding and are mechanical. So that when it comes to movement, you can trust them to be precise. They are precise, but they are also reliable, efficient and can resist shock. 


Rolex 118238 Day-Date Watches are fast becoming a popular choice. It is a great choice for those who want something unique. It is also the perfect option for anyone looking for watches with precise movement. Many men and women wear the Rolex 118238 watches. And the different versions each have a specific purpose. This particular watch provides you with an automatic movement. It has a 36 mm stainless case and is a durable material. It is also ideally suited as both a formal and casual watch. 

Hence, it is normal to make it a favorite or a choice among many other watches. If the features and advantages have convinced you, you need not waste time. Checking out the perfect fit here is the first and the best step to take. 


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