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Diamond Necklaces

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Raymond Lee Jewelers offers you luxurious designer diamond necklaces. Brands include:

Barry Kronen
Judith Ripka
Van Cleef & Arpels
Roberto Coin
David Yurman

Our comprehensive inventory includes diamond necklaces and pendants for all styles, from vintage to contemporary. From elegant single stone items to multi-stone diamond necklaces, you can find the piece that best complements your appearance. Our diamond necklaces come in different cuts and settings. You can choose between white diamond or colored diamonds, including yellow and pink. For those who want to wear their diamonds assorted with gemstones, we offer a selection of necklaces that combine diamonds with emeralds or sapphires, for instance.

Pendants and Necklaces

There are many diamond necklace models for women and men, although ladies have more options, just as with other kinds of jewelry. A women’s diamond necklace is more sophisticated, while men’s are simpler, and most often comprise a single stone.

People are sometimes confused about the distinction between diamond pendants and diamond necklaces. Diamond pendants are separate pieces that are attached to a chain, while diamond necklaces are one piece jewelry items, where the stone or stones are incorporated in the necklace.
Diamond necklaces make great gifts for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to special events in someone’s life. Of all types of diamond jewelry, necklaces are perhaps the most versatile. They can come in numerous sizes, from the most delicate items to oversized pieces. When it comes to necklace designs, possibilities are virtually endless, as you can combine pendants and chains in multiple ways to create exquisite necklaces. As for necklace styles, they range from vintage and retro to modern and contemporary.

If you’re interested in vintage style necklaces, it might be helpful to learn how to distinguish between them. Vintage or antique diamond necklaces may be very expensive and hard to find, but there are many vintage-inspired options on the market today that can satisfy your expectations. If you’re into vintage jewelry, you can also choose a particular design and have it custom made. Here are some clues about the time periods that might have inspired your favorite kind of necklace, and some of their basic corresponding features.

Vintage Necklaces of Georgian Inspiration

Original Georgian necklaces were made during the 18th century and the first decades of the 19th century. They had short chains and used classical motifs. These included laurels, or other vegetal motifs, as well as repeating patterns. They often included rose diamonds and other precious stones, such as topaz or garnets.

Vintage Necklaces of Victorian Inspiration
Queen Victoria’s reign, which started in the 1840s and ended with the dawn of the 20th century, is characterized by opulent diamond pendants and necklaces. The designs are romantic, elaborate and extremely feminine. They also included colorful gems.

Vintage Necklaces Inspired by the Art Nouveau Movement

It’s difficult to find original Art Nouveau necklaces because they are rare, but you may encounter pendants and necklaces inspired by this movement which started in Europe in the last decade of the 19th century, lasting until around 1915. The dominant theme–which is recurrent in many decorative arts including jewelry–is nature, and motifs are predominantly vegetal, particularly floral.

Vintage Necklaces of Edwardian Inspiration

Diamonds were the favorite gemstone of this period, and they were lavishly used in all kinds of jewelry pieces including necklaces. The distinctive characteristic of Edwardian jewelry is the lacy filigree pattern.

Vintage Necklaces Inspired by the Art Deco Movement

This period features long necklaces with geometric designs, inspired by African or Egyptian art. Diamonds were often combined with other precious stones in abstract, stylized patterns.

Retro Style Diamond Necklaces

This period, which began in the 1930s and ended in the 1950s, is defined by opulent, ostentatious diamond necklaces; often including semi-precious stones.

Modern Diamond Necklaces

Many contemporary necklaces favor simple lines and display a tendency toward minimalism. However, there are also larger, flashier pieces which use bigger stones and more intricate designs.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace

This necklace features a single diamond that is highlighted through cut and setting. There are numerous cuts and settings available for necklace pendants. Popular options include the round cut, princess cut, marquise or European cut. Pendants can be set in yellow or white gold, sterling silver or platinum. Remember that a diamond’s brilliance depends not only on its intrinsic qualities, such as clarity and color, but also on the quality of its cut and the choice of setting. Every detail matters for the overall effect. An exquisite diamond necklace reflects the craftsmanship and artistry of the hand(s) that designed and produced it.

3 Stone and Multi-Stone Diamond Necklaces

If you want something more sophisticated than a solitaire pendant necklace, you may consider a 3 stone or multi-stone diamond necklace. In a three stone design, the central diamond can be larger, with two other smaller gems framing it. This pattern will emphasize the central stone and its radiance. Multi-stone diamond necklaces are another more elaborate option. The stones can have a similar size and shape or can combine different sizes and shapes to achieve a surprising asymmetrical effect. Multi stone necklaces look best on women with a long neck and with outfits which make the entire necklace visible.

Diamond Necklace Chain

When shopping for diamond necklaces, don’t forget about the chain, as it also has a say in the overall appearance of your piece. Before you make a decision about the length of your necklace chain, consider the precious metal it is made of. This should be similar, or at least compatible with the diamond setting or metal frame used for your stone. Necklace chains are usually made of sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. There are three main types of chains for necklaces: chocker, princess and opera. Choker necklace chains are short, placing the pendant above the collarbone. Princess chains are longer, going below the collar bone, and are suitable for both single and multi-stone diamond pendants. Lastly, opera necklace chains are longer, and designed to be matched with pendants that are worn over clothing.

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