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Round Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond Rings Win Popularity Contest with Brides

Celebrities love to brandish unique, statement-making rings that reveal their fashion-forward style, but most regular people want an engagement ring that represents their timeless, lasting love in a classic way. It comes as no surprise then, that the most popular rings are those sporting definitive, refined and effortlessly elegant round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. Here you’ll find just some of the reasons these stones make the top of the list nearly every year.

Round Brilliant

14k White Gold 1ct Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring with GIA

Prismatic, flattering and original, the round brilliant diamond cut was first developed in 1919, and has been a beloved choice with both starlets — such as Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson — and civilians alike ever since. Notice the carefully carved facets, which reflect the maximum amount of light. The conical shape and cut offers a striking “brilliance” to viewers, one of the most desirable features of an engagement ring.

Beyond the sparkles and universally flattering shape, you’ll love the round brilliant for its natural size. Many other cuts sacrifice visual weight for unusual form. Hearts are charming, but the one carat round brilliant will look noticeably larger than the one carat heart-shape, giving you more bang for your buck.

Princess Cut

3.5 Carat Princess Cut Diamond 3 Stone Engagement Ring GIA Certified

In many ways like a little sister to the round brilliant, the princess cut diamond is square-shape rather than round, but offers nearly the same level of brilliance. The princess cut boasts completely different facet design, with a pyramidal base rather than conical. Additionally, you may favor this model since it’s often slightly more economical than the round brilliant. The appealing price hasn’t slowed the wealthy from scooping them up—Jennifer Garner’s ring from Ben Affleck is a stunning example of the princess cut.

An engagement ring presents the choice of a lifetime, so the diamond adorning it should be just as timeless. Confidently choose a round brilliant or princess cut diamond for your special ring for an eternity of refined style.

Ashley B for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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