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Is There an Apple Smart Watch?

Is There an Apple Smart Watch?

Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has not stopped its quest to be the leaders in technology. The company is no longer just known for its computers since it is a leading competitor in music players, phones, web browsing and more. Apple’s innovations make technology accessible to everyone and revolutionize many old applications. The company is now reportedly setting its sights on telling time by crafting a smart watch.

You may not be sure what makes your phone more intelligent than others. A smart phone is just a term for a phone that is more advanced than older models and has many features like a touch screen, apps or a web browser. Rumor has it that Apple is currently designing a watch that has smart features similar to a phone. The watch would work with Apple’s operating system and be made of curved glass.

While Apple has not confirmed this project, the company is probably savvy enough to delve into this idea before it is too late. Many smaller companies have experimented with smart watches already. One existing smart watch can hook into devices like iPhones and allow users to access text and emails. Though they would not be the first to pioneer this technology, Apple has more resources and distribution power than the current retailers of smart watches.

While your watch may not be able to do much more than tell you the time and the date today, tomorrow it could be sending messages, giving weather alerts and more. If you love technology and time pieces, you should keep an eye out for an Apple smart watch.

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