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Princess Cut Diamond Ring – Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond Ring – Engagement Ring

Buy a Princess cut diamond engagement ring

We have come to recognize Princess cut diamond engagement rings for their elegance. Not only will wearing this ring make you elegant, but you will also ooze beauty and confidence. Suffice to say that; any bride-to-be who wears this ring is gunning for the princess look. 

Are you a man, and you are reading this? Have you been thinking of proposing to your long-time girlfriend? And does your dream engagement paint an elegant and glamorous picture? If the answer to these questions is a yes, you are in the right corner!

An engagement is a time of anticipation, joy, and excitement. So, we want you to find the absolute perfect setting when choosing an engagement ring. As far as the perfect engagement ring goes, a princess cut diamond engagement ring is top-rated. 

You are right to be thinking of getting the Princess cut diamond for engagement. Apart from the beauty that we are sure the princess cut ring has, we are sure that these benefits below abound: 

  • Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Has Versatile Design

It is a consensus that we all love beautiful things. Nevertheless, even beautiful things can bore us. 

So, you have gotten the best engagement ring in the world for your bride to be, and as expected, she is happy! The ring’s beauty is dazzling, and the elegance is like no other. She may be content with the design for months or even years. However, she is human. And it is human nature to want more. She would start to wish she had a new ring in no time. With another type of ring, it may be not easy to grant her wish. But, with a princess cut diamond engagement, or wedding ring, she can have her wish. How? Well, first of all, the Princess cut diamond ring allows for alterations. 

Do you see that popular chic square design? The allure does not end in its looks. We can redesign to form new styles too! If this is possible, nothing says the bride cannot cherish the ring for the rest of her life. All she needs to do when she gets bored is alter it to fit her new dream. 

  • Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is Elegant, and it sparkles 

You’ve seen them in every jewelry store window. But have you ever wondered why Princess cut diamond rings are so popular?

The shape itself is elegant and regal. It is unlike any other diamond cut. It’s a showstopper, and it might be the perfect ring for your future fiancé!

The Sparkle is off the charts, too. The princess cut ring sparkles with its iconic look. And of course, it leaves a lasting impression, first, on the person wearing it. And, secondly, on the people who look at it.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings help to Prevent Diamond Wastage

Do you want to know what makes a princess Cut so unique? It’s in the style of the cut. A Princess cut diamond ring has about 60 – 70% of the rough diamond. 

It is pleasing to see that Princess cut diamond engagement rings are easy on the eye. What else? Gem cutters make the ring with rough diamonds to prevent diamond wastage.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are Cheaper Than Round-Cut Shapes

Are you looking for an engagement ring on the more affordable side? Princess cut diamond rings are a great option. There is no argument!  

Guess which other engagement ring is also beautiful? A princess-cut diamond engagement ring fits the description. And they’re often less expensive than their round-cut counterparts. So if you’re looking to get engaged but don’t want to break the bank, consider a princess cut diamond! 

Of course, you can also find other affordable diamond rings if you want. You could start by catching up on these

Having all the pros of a princess diamond engagement ring out in the open is perfect. First, it will excite you and inspire you to buy one. And if you are a curious person, it will pique your interest further. Now, you want to know everything about the princess cut. 

You may want to know the origin of the Princess cut diamond ring. Where did it come from? Who founded this gem? And how has it evolved over the years? 

These questions are valid. And, of course, we will get the answers if we go down memory lane. 

What is the origin of the Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

This beauty that we now gush about today is thanks to Basil WaterMeyer. This South African created the Princess cut diamond ring in 1971. It is not surprising that he named the piece after himself and his wife. Named Barion cut when it was first crafted, this gem featured 81 facets. And it had 4 – a fold mirror-image symmetry. 

The real journey to the limelight began in 1979 for the Princess cut diamond ring. It has been a roller coaster of events and variations of new designs ever since. The journey started when Ambar Diamonds first distributed ‘Quadrillion’. At the time, The Quadrillion was like the Barion Cut with 49 facets. 

Ambar Diamonds made the Quadrillion in 1980 and trademarked it. But, it has been a long time coming, and we are aware that some patents have expired. We are also aware that new designs have been coming out. 

Are you here wondering about the most recent Princess cut diamond engagement ring? Wonder no further. But, be grateful to Robert Forster and Vinubhai G. Dhanani, who invented a design for a Princess Cut. Their design featured 129 facets. And yes, we discovered this on the 12th of February 2013. 

How to identify a princess cut diamond engagement ring?

How Do You Identify a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement ring? 

Sometimes, you think you have seen it all about Princess cut diamond rings. But can you see it all? You can only recognize the pattern and the arrangement. Both seem to be the best way to identify a princess cut diamond engagement ring. 

When it comes to the arrangement, check out the following:

  • You must not ignore the top of the princess diamond engagement ring. Because right there at the top, the diamond appears square or, in some cases, rectangular. 
  • There is variation in the design of a princess cut diamond engagement ring. However, French corners are more common than others. Others may include rounded corners. 
  • You should not neglect the side of your princess diamond engagement ring too. If you have ever seen an inverted pyramid before, the side piece looks like. Also, all the sides seem leveled. 

When hunting for a princess cut diamond engagement ring, you should expect it to be modern. Also, you should anticipate a clean diamond.  

So, you’ve found different types of  Princess cut for your engagement ring. And now, you’re eager to show your girlfriend how much you care. Let these factors guide you to choose the perfect ring for her. 

How to choose a princess cut diamond engagement ring

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Princess-cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

  • Depth percentage

The little and big things matter when you want to pick a ring. Hence, it would be best not to overlook the Depth percentage of the ring. You must pay attention if you want the best from your Princess cut diamond engagement ring. You should ensure that the percentage is between 65-75%. Anything lower or higher may cause problems. 

We know that a princess cut ring that is too shallow is a disadvantage. The light that enters these rings produces poor reflection on the eye.

  • Table Percentage

We hope that you start within the ideal range of the depth percentage. And after, you can move on to deciding the table percentage. 

A table percentage of 75% is bigger and wider than the one that is 65%. 

Before purchasing a princess cut diamond engagement ring, you should know your preferences.

  • Girdle Thickness

Before giving out your money for a princess cut diamond engagement ring, ask. You are wondering what is there to inquire about…again? How about you learn everything about the girdle thickness of the product. If the girdle is lacking in thickness, you should move on. And if the girdle is thick enough, you are lucky! 

It would help if you had the girdle to support prongs. This is necessary to prevent the ring from breaking. What happens when the girdle is not thick enough? The diamond has a high tendency to break. 

Here is the right place to be if you want clarity about the features of a princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Polish and Symmetry

Before picking up your Princess cut diamond engagement ring, you want to be sure it is clean. And also, what is the level of its arrangement? If ratings for both fall under “good” or better”, then you have nothing to fear. You already know what it means if the ratings for both or either are not encouraging. 


Diamonds are glorious to behold. But, if you look close enough, you would realize their imperfections. You want to check when choosing the Princess cut diamond for that engagement. First, for dark inclusions near the center of the stone.

SI1 or VS2 will give you eye clean clarity. And of course, SI2 and I1 also give the center a certain level of clarity. Although, there is a difference between both. 


We know the level of beauty and regality you already get from purchasing your princess cut is high. Even so, the beauty can be more. 

Do you have a penchant for colors and would not mind peeping some colors on your ring? Then, it would help if you decided on the color you want to explore. Of course, it is wise to decide the color before you buy. As it is, your options on the colors to use range between H and I color. They are the best choices. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use others. A gold or yellow ring, for instance, will favor the color J! 

You are here! Congratulations. You have gathered the appropriate data to enhance your decision-making. But, is that all? You should know that is not all. 

How to Buy a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Now, you get to go online to buy one or more princess cut diamond engagement rings. What is next on the radar should be how to get a reputable dealer. We have common names; James Allen and the Blue Nile. You could also check here to learn more about getting a princess cut diamond engagement ring. 

Of course, some of the things that make a dealer trustworthy are:

  • policies on returns
  • resizing policies
  • Exchange policies. 

After checking the following, if you find out that there is alignment, then, by all means, buy! Otherwise, you can always move on to the next big dealer. If you move around long enough, you will get one that meets your expectations. 


The biggest takeaway here is that a princess cut diamond ring is right for you or your significant other. It is a classic and timeless Roman cut that will never go out of style. 

Also, the reason that princess cuts are popular with modern brides is, in part, because they save money. So, if you search around, you should be able to find an ideal princess cut on sale at an affordable price. 

But there are things to consider and questions you need answers to before buying. The point is that buying this ring should not be an impulse decision. It would help if you did plenty of research first. Otherwise, you are in danger of making mistakes (and wasting money). 


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