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Bring in the New Year with Improved New GIA Grading Reports and Less Clutter

Bring in the New Year with Improved New GIA Grading Reports and Less Clutter

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a nonprofit association that is recognized around the world as the most trusted source for accurate gemstone grading. GIA’s mission is to “protect all buyers and sellers of gemstones maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality.” GIA’s diamond and gem grading reports allow customers and jewelers to have a relationship built on confidence and trust because GIA offers a non involved representation with high standards of integrity. Not only are they non involved when it comes to making a profit off of the sale of the gem, they build their reputation on the integrity of their grade, so each and every report must be authentic and accurate. Despite being an not for profit organization they invest extensive time and money into research and training for complete understanding of gemstones.

Starting January 1 GIA will be changing the formats of the diamond and gem grading reports. The changes will require reissues that depending on the dates, will be free, or can be obtained for a nominal fee. These revised documents will have increased security, proprietary paper, and QR codes linked to GIA’s online services, so users can check the documents authenticity. This adds yet another layer of integrity to the Gemological Institute of America.

GIA’s grading is based on the 4 C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. These four basic standards are used so often in the industry that they are the go to for novices and pros alike when attempting to self judge a gemstone. The GIA came up with this system in 1953.

The new forms will offer the same valuable information in an easier to read format. Benefits to clients include:

  • Direct access through QR codes
  • Less paper and other materials
  • Reduction of postage costs
  • Reduction of clutter
  • Easier for customers to understand
  • Harder to duplicate

What To Do With Old GIA Reports

You can order a Report Reissue Request Form, the new form will retain the old dates. Depending on the dates, and the location, there may or may not be a fee.

Buying gemstones is often not an on the fly decision, because getting high quality and value is vital for the cost and sentimental value the piece will likely grow to have. No one wants to discover fifty years down the road, that the family heirloom that Grandpa gave to Grandma was a fake and everyone was duped. GIA has taken the risk out of buying expensive luxury jewelry, and now they have improved their reports readability and authenticity.

Did you know that GIA is the grader of the Hope Diamond and many other famous gemstones around the world? GIA stakes its reputation on every single gemstone report they do, so even if your diamond is not the De Beers Centenary Diamond at 273.85 carats and world renowned, it will still receive the same amount of care and assessment, because their reputation is tied to every report they give.


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