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Vintage Watches Make Excellent Wedding Gifts

Vintage Watches Make Excellent Wedding Gifts

Luxury Watches with their own Stories, Tracing the History of a Vintage Gift

During the last eight years, an undeniable movement toward collectible pre-owned, vintage luxury watches has become a fierce competition among collectors on both Western and Eastern parts of the globe. Rolex, Patek and Cartier Vintage watches are favorites leading the way, but by no means are collectors limited by these Brands. Trending gifts most popular for wedding couples are Vintage watches with History. Buyers want the original condition, slightly yellowing faces and crystals, fraying or scratched watch-bands. Updating to a shiny new watch-face will significantly cut the appraised value of a Vintage pre-owned watch with history.

In November, a pocket-watch previously owned by one of Scotland’s national poets, Robert Burns, sold for $64,419. Robert Burns (1759-1796) was important to Scottish literature and a pioneer in the “romantic movement”.

Cartier, respected for designing the first wristwatch and revolutionized watch design by creating the rectangular dial. Louis Cartier designed the original Tank watch in 1917 and gifted a prototype to General Pershing before being introduced to the public. General John Joseph Pershing served in the U.S. Army during WWI and WWII. Awarded the highest commission of any member of the United States armed forces by U.S. Congress and the President of the United States. Named General of the Armies of the U.S. with four Gold Stars, and later appointed to Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Recognized for its’ iconic crisp lines the Louis Cartier Tank watch design has inspired variations but the original distinctive identity sports a unique aesthetic.

Vintage Cartier Tank Francaise

Description: Sterling silver case with gold overlay, Quartz movement, Sapphire crystal, Champagne rectangular dial with black Roman numerals and blue hands, genuine lizard over calfskin in burgundy bracelet. For a beautiful condition pre-owned vintage women’s watch, the price is between $995. and $1,995.00

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona introduced in 1965, is one of the most popular of all sports watches. With 17 jewel mechanical movement, 30-minute and 12-hour recorders and a tachometer minute and bezel engraved. Price ranges from $16,900-$60,000.

Vintage Rolex Daytona 6263 Cosmograph Black Dial Jubilee

This favored model has the Black Cosmograph, stainless steel bezel, black dial, white sub-dials and silver dial markers. The sapphire crystal and stainless steel jubilee bracelet accents a timeless masculine quality. With Original Rolex Papers you’ll find this hot collectors’ dream for under $50,000.

Reasons Vintage Watches are Solid Investment Collectibles

  • Market on Up-trend: World record returns on investment across collectible sectors
  • Strong Buyer Base: Current estimates of 200 millions serious collectors worldwide insure continued ROI
  • Watches are Tangible Assets: Inflation and fluctuating interest rates do not affect appraisal values.
  • Vintage and New Luxury Watches: predicted to hold their resale value more solidly than a sports car
  • The One Piece of Expensive Jewelry a conservative man will still wear is the Luxury Watch
  • Recently Luxury Watch Sales are topping record highs year after year

A religious reformist named Jean Calvin in the 16th Century was an extremist who banned all jewelry. He was a French Theologian and Pastor during the “Protestant Reformation”. He broke for the Roman Catholic Church and developed “Calvinism”, a system of strict Christian Theology. The population of Geneva were craftsmen, goldsmiths and enamellers. Jean Calvin’s radical suppression of jewelry caused the craftsmen of that era to develop the Swiss watchmaking industry as a way to use their (jewelry design) skills.

Sotheby’s Auction House clearly sees this upsurge of interest, “Vintage Luxury Watches have become one of the most vibrant and vital categories on the worlds’ auction stage”. Sotheby’s hold the current record for most expensive watch auctioned for over $11.5 million, USD, for a Patek Phillippe “The Henry Graves Supercomplication“.

Charlie Chaplin Vintage Collectible

Excitement rose through the Vintage Watch Collector’s assembled for a chance at a “Rare” Rolex pre-owned by Charlie Chaplin. Only a few left-handed models designed during this era, Charlie Chaplin’s Rolex has a stainless steel case and still pristine enamelled dial with te retailer signature of “Asprey”. This timepiece not only has direct connection with an iconic filmmaker and legendary actor of Hollywood’s silent film era, this watch comes with four proof of ownership vintage photographs and all authentication papers. The auction estimated value is between $8,000. and $12,000.

Historical Vintage Watch Purchased by Baseball Fan

Three time winner MVP (Most Valuable Player), Baseball Hall of Fame and 13-time ALL-STAR record holder for his 56-game “Hitting streak” in 1941 (May 15th – July 16th 1941), with the New York Yankees, Joe DiMaggio had a favorite watch. The “Bulova Accutron” is a rare asymmetrical model, water-resistant case of stainless steel and featured electronic movement. The DiMaggio watch has its original Accutron strap and many extras”. The watch mounted in its original fitted box with the outside paper box cover, instruction booklet, guarantee, the original (extra) power cell in its sleeve and the two original tags. The auction had an accompanying letter of provenance written by Joe DiMaggio’s two granddaughters. This 1940’s Vintage Collectors Men’s watch valued between $2,000 and $4,000. USD.

When founder of “Arquiste Fragrances”, Carlos Huber, asked about his Vintage Cartier Santos watch, he replied, “This watch is from the 1970’s, and I like wearing it in the summer. It was a gift that I really cherish, and I like that it’s thinner than the regular Santos. I also like the detailing in the band; it’s not done anymore, and it gives an extra something that only a vintage watch can have. It came from an antique center in Florida, of all places!”

Where in Florida Can you Buy Vintage Watches?

Boca Raton has South Florida’s most trusted professional Jewelry Sales and Service Center. If you want to sell your gold, jewelry or Vintage watch, start by contacting Raymond Lee Jewelers to find the most reliable information and superior customer service. Established since 1983, Raymond Lee Jewelers has grown in diamond sales, vintage watch sales and repair and confidential collateral loans for immediate cash, and insurance appraisals for your jewelry by a Certified Gemologist accepted by all major insurance companies. Raymond Lee Jewelers is a local, highly respected company provides service for the Boca Raton community for over thirty years. Couples looking for the highest trending wedding gifts will find vintage watches of family heirloom quality. Check out our webpage and all its features or drop by our fine jewelry and luxury watch showroom to see our extensive stock. For personal attention, or to meet with our master watchmaker or appraiser, call ahead to schedule and appointment at 1-800-329-GEMS


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