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Some of The Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

Some of The Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

Chopard Blue diamond ring

We’ve seen some pretty incredible pieces of jewelry in our day. With the many jewelry shows we attend and our obsession with following the best of the industry on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we see stunning jewelry every single day. And that’s before we even take a peek into any of our own showcases! And of course, the local glitterati who like to sell jewelry to us can always be relied upon to bring in some major rocks and killer watches. But some of the pieces on the fab infographic below blow anything we’ve seen out of the water! Can you imagine heading to the beach in a $30 million diamond bikini? Or dropping that amount on a D-Flawless 150 carat emerald cut? The pieces below are some of the lesser known expensive jewelry pieces – while everyone in the jewelry fan club loves L’Incomparable and the slew of fancy colored diamonds that break new records every year, it’s fun to check out the slightly lesser known beauties below.

  1. A $30 million bikini by Susan Rosen and Steinmetz, with 150 carats of D Flawless Diamonds: Pictured here on the lovely Molly Sims, and probably NSFW.
  2. Sotheby’s $23 million 100.1 carat white diamond:
  3. A $16.26 million blue diamond ring by Chopard: Chopard Blue diamond ring
  4. The $14 million Heart of the Kingdom Ruby necklace, with a 40.63 carat heart shaped ruby and 155 carats of diamonds: Heart of the Kingdom Ruby
  5. $8.5 Million Drop Earrings by Harry Winston: Harry Winston Earrings
  6. A $7.98 million blue diamond, at only 6.04 carats: Sotheby's Internally flawless blue diamond
  7. Chopard’s Magnificent Diamond & Emerald Necklace worth $3 million at 191 carats: Emerald and diamond necklace
  8. The Tiffany Majestic, a $2.5 million Tiffany & Co. diamond pendant weighing 41.4 carats: Tiffany & Co. Majestic
  9. William Goldberg’s fancy colored diamond drop necklace, worth $2 million:William Goldberg Fancy colored diamond necklace
  10. Finally, Graff’s $2 million fancy deep blue diamond ring:Graff 2.4 Carat deep fancy blue emerald cut


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