2015 Summer Jewelry Trends

New design trends in jewelry continue to impact the fine jewelry industry, or is Couture re-inventing vintage designs? Even our lust for Swarovski crystals is moving them from couture to exquisite fine jewelry designers. The jewelry fashion world hubs, like Dubai, are celebrating sensation Farah Khan, an Indian jewelry designer who features bold gemstones paired with intricate filigree and femininity in soft gold. She is acknowledged by celebrities who love wearing her designs on red carpet events because she is a combo of exotic fun and timeless quality.

Summer 2015 Trends – Fine Jewelry in Groupings

  • Gemstones over Diamonds
  • Dangler Earrings
  • Layers of Fine Gold Necklaces
  • Tiny Pendants
  • Coiled Jewelry Illusions like Snakes

This week’s Las Vegas Couture Awards in Jewelry Winners also agreed with current trends:     

Nikos Koulis won Best in Bridal

Tomasz Donocik won Best in Colored Gemstones, below $20,000

Jorg Heinz won Editor’s Choice Award

Inspired by Vintage Silver Blue Topaz:

Jewelery Trend #1 – Colored Gemstones over diamonds this year:


Women exquisitely feature their lovely long necks with Long Danglers Earrings this season.


 2015 Trending Looks in Necklaces:

Chokers &  Several strands with tiny pendants

 Snake designs, wrapped and coiled looks

  • Officina Bernardi Platinum Sterling Silver Coil Bracelet, $245
  • Pearl & Diamond Pendant necklace, 18 K gold
  • Le VianVian Ocean Blue Topaz Chocolate Diamond Pendant – 14 K Vanilla gold, Pearshaped Blue Topaz with Chocolate round diamonds


From all the online website pages at Raymondleejewelers.net, a fine jewelry store that showcases their often one-of-a-kind jewelry fashions, the previously boundaries between high-end couture jewelry and fine jewelry, even vintage jewelry designed by luxury designers like Bvlgari and Cartier are blurring fine jewelry and couture boundaries.

Fine Jewelry Versions:

Looking at high-end versions of fine jewelry design, the concepts of years past in vintage pieces show the crafted progression of various types of gold, gems, and diamonds that have developed throughout the decades. When they are compared to the craftsmanship of this years’ award winners, we can see the direct influence of the past upon current design scholars.

The 2015 Couture Design Awards featured newcomer Spinelli Kilcollin who won the Best in Gold Design with a fabulous layered gold ring. 

You can see the reflection, the diversification, and the progression of the above vintage designs and the influence of each, combined to influence this year’s design concept winners.

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