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Spotlight on: Louis Vuitton Diamonds

Spotlight on: Louis Vuitton Diamonds

Louis Vuitton is the world’s most valuable luxury brand, founded in 1854 with the introduction of flat-bottom trunks made of lightweight, airtight canvas. As great as those cases were, the brand’s come a long way since. The iconic LV trademark now adorns everything from leather goods to jewelry, and including the diamonds of the Voyage dans le temps collection. This collection is a celebration and re-interpretation of the Louis Vuitton monogram flower, capturing the beauty and elegance of winter lace in a form you can not only touch, but actually wear. Vuitton frequently uses the idea of voyages as a nod to their steamer trunk history; this voyage takes us back and forward in time.

The collection features the Louis Vuitton Star-cut and Flower-cut diamonds, linked together to form visions of scintillating beauty. The Voyage dans le temps Dentelle d’hiver chandelier earrings and necklaces create a lace design from the diamonds, joining the delicate jewels with invisible metal strands. These pieces sparkle with all the charm and beauty of the Victorian era, refracting pure class and ethereal beauty.

The collection also includes pieces that look forward in time, the Monogram Infini and Galaxie Monogram. Mathematical formulas and foreign galaxies inspire these designs, sparkling like the stars in the sky. The Monogram Infini earrings spiral out like a blooming galaxy, spinning forth from a center of dazzling light. These Galaxie Monogram bracelets and rings feature princess-cut and marquise diamonds, pointing the way to a future of elegant and beautiful women wearing Louis Vuitton.

The du Monogram au Damier pieces create the monogram from a mosaic of diamonds and enameling on a guilloche’ cuff bracelet, appearing as a checkerboard pattern created from diamonds. Finally, the Fleur d’Eternite’ pieces are crafted from diamonds, pearls, along with a deep green tourmaline to create a mesmerizing spiral pattern, sure to enchant anyone who sees them.

Brad P for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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