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Lady Gaga Necklace Yellow Diamond

Lady Gaga necklace – the item of jewelry that almost stole the show at this year’s Oscars award ceremony. The massive Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world. At an incredible 287.54 carats, this diamond was found in the Kimberley mines of South Africa in 1877. After it was discovered the diamond was sent to Paris where it was cut into a cushion shape. This is not the first necklace that it has been set in though. Prior to being surrounded by dazzling white diamonds. And gracing Lady Gaga’s Oscar winning performance. The Tiffany diamond was set in a different necklace and worn by another celebrity. One famously known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn. Beyond its long Hollywood history the large yellow diamond was also displayed at the Fifth Avenue Tiffany & Co. store windows in 1955. A fine display indeed.

Furthermore the diamond is not only amongst the largest in the world it is also one of the highest quality ones found as well. A pair like no other Lady Gaga and the Tiffany diamond (and Bradley Cooper too) performed the award winning song “Shallow” at the Oscars ceremony. It was an exquisite show and from the red carpet to the curtain fall the Tiffany diamond was at the very centre of it all the whole way through. Now it was not the only fancy yellow diamond that Lady Gaga wore that evening. She also had on fancy yellow diamond dangle earrings. Much like a pair we ourselves currently have in store, if we do say so ourselves. While the yellow diamonds we have may not have their own name, or be the largest in the world, they also do not carry the $30 million dollar valuation tag.

Lady Gaga necklace and Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond jewelry

The Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond necklace Lady Gaga wore is about 141 years old. This diamond was put away in the vault for many years after its Fifth Avenue foray in New York. However it was time to come out once again. This time with the brand’s spokesperson Lady Gaga. It was no surprise that she was covered in Tiffany’s diamonds. However no one expected to see the diamond. That is why during her performance of the Best Song Oscar winner “Shallow” the glamour and shine was divided. Between the incredible performance rendered and the glinting diamond easy to see no matter where you were seated or viewing. As always Lady Gaga blew audiences away with her incredible prowess and stage presence. Her ability to make us feel and connect to her music is unparalleled and we are so excited for her well deserved Oscar win. The performance was glittering.

The sparkle and beauty of this diamond is actually quite well known. Even though it has been tucked away in the Tiffany & Co. vaults for oh so very long. It has been on show and on other celebrities before Lady Gaga. Although this was the very first time that this diamond was showcased on an awards ceremony red carpet. Prior to being on the singer’s decolletage this diamond was worn by the icon Audrey Hepburn herself. Also it was showcased in the windows of Tiffany & Co.’s store. It has not come out of said vault very often but when it does the diamond makes more than a stunning performance. Speaking of performance the diamond did take part in one of the year’s undoubtedly most magnificent shows. That is Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing “Shallow” the award winning (Oscar award winning) song from the movie “A Star is Born”.

Tiffany & Co. diamond necklaces through the times

When Lady Gaga wore the Tiffany yellow diamond now at the 2019 Oscars red carpet and ceremony she had on the modernized necklace. This one was put together in 2012. For the 175th anniversary of the founding of Tiffany & Co. Throughout the times Tiffany & Co. have taken the Tiffany diamond and made it shine in a series of different designs. Undoubtedly this years appearance was very modern. We can probably expect to not see this diamond again any time soon quite honestly. However for the next big event when we do see it it will likely look like never before. After all since Audrey Hepburn a whole lot has changed.

Coincidentally or not though the design this year that Lady Gaga wore is quite similar to one of jewelry items we keep in our vault at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. And it was not the only fancy yellow diamond Lady Gaga had on at the event either. And yes we have got some similar looks for those too! But first let us just clear up on where this Tiffany diamond has been before the Oscars.  

Audrey Hepburn wearing Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace

As part of the publicity shoot for the chic and fabulous Breakfast at Tiffany’s Tiffany’s themselves pitched in. Audrey Hepburn sported the magnificent yellow diamond in a very different setting. See although she had the Tiffany yellow diamond it was different. The setting was another diamond necklace. Audrey Hepburn was and continues to be an icon. Both of cinema and fashion. Her black sheath dress is instantly recognisable. A look that Lady Gaga also borrowed. After all when wearing the Tiffany yellow diamond. There is something classic about the event. Lady Gaga is the first spokesperson to wear the Tiffany yellow diamond though. 

Equally as stunning the necklace that Audrey Hepburn wore was a much more classical design than the necklace that Lady Gaga wore. It would not make sense to keep the same setting. The diamond does spend decades tucked away. We would expect a change. Specially with such a significant stone. It is a symbol of Tiffany’s. 

Yellow diamond Lady Gaga necklace and earrings from the 2019 Oscars Award Ceremony

The necklace was the star of the show. While celebrating a “Star is Born” we also got to see some additional yellow diamond jewelry. The necklace after all does pair incredibly well with similar dangling yellow diamond earrings.

Lady Gaga also wore a set of dazzling yellow diamond drop earrings with six large emerald cut white diamonds each. These not only complemented the diamond and Lady Gaga’s Alexander McQueen strapless black dress perfectly. It also reemphasized the Tiffany diamond necklace too. Now the necklace we have may not be identical or even really all that similar. After all there is only one Tiffany diamond of that size and coloration. However, we do have some earrings that are uncannily similar.

Matching geometric shapes and an unmistakable tone of light yellow made this set of earrings and necklace an instantly iconic look. While the Tiffany diamond dangles close to the throat along the string of emerald and cushion cut white diamonds, the earrings lie at the end of each of the earrings.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee 4.30 carat Pear shaped yellow diamond earrings

At our store we have a stunning set of dangling yellow diamond earrings that look very much like the Tiffany & Co. earrings Lady Gaga had on during the Oscars. While these feature pear cut fancy yellow diamonds and diamond halo features unlike the Lady Gaga’s they are stunning designs with similar styles. If you are looking for gorgeous statement fine jewelry earrings then these are the ones. With 18 carat white gold the metal setting re-emphasizes the gorgeous shine of both the white diamonds and the stars of the show, the large pear cut yellow diamonds. These diamond drop earrings feature approximately 1.98 carats of cushion cut white diamonds along the dangle. As well as approximately 0.28 carats of round brilliant diamonds.

Overall these earrings are in line with the ones that Lady Gaga wore. Although with a touch difference when it comes to the diamond halos and the cut of the yellow diamonds. However we can guarantee they are just as stunning.

Additionally we also have a necklace, bracelet and ring! So if the earrings are not for you we have more options to get Lady Gaga’s Oscar look. If it is gorgeous fancy yellow diamonds that you are looking for then we have them in several different cuts and of course always paired with incredible dazzling white diamonds. It is a combination that is unmistakably beautiful. Further they each feature geometric cuts that are perfect for the clarity and shine of these precious stones.

18k White Gold 10.62ctw White And Fancy Yellow Diamond Ladies Bracelet

The bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry. It has approximately 7.11 carats of Radiant cut yellow diamonds surrounded by approximately 3.51ctw of round cut diamonds. The 18 carat white gold item has a tongue in box clasp with safety latch. It has stunning halos of both small round cut yellow diamonds and white diamonds surrounding the large yellow diamond centre stones. It is a solid link bracelet that adds glamour and glimmer no matter what you wear. Unless of course you have elbow length leather gloves like Lady Gaga did at the Oscars. Then it would be sure to shine even brighter.

Platinum 10.36ct GIA Certified Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Now this incredible 10.36 carat fancy yellow diamond ring is set in a stunning strong platinum band. The metal also includes an 18 carat yellow gold head in order to further emphasize the yellow diamond’s tone. The centre stone is a stunning large fancy yellow diamond flanked by two accent stones that are approximately 1.26 carats. These trapezoid shaped white diamonds and are F/G in color and SI2 in clarity. They hold the ring’s centre stone at the center and visually push the colorful gem forth. Due to the large stones the ring itself is not the lightest and does weigh approximately 11.3 grams. However if you are attending a major event with some major diamonds weight should not be a problem. After all we do not think Lady Gaga’s yellow diamond necklace was all the light do you?

It is after all one of the world’s largest diamonds. If you are interested in this ring or any of the other jewelry similar to Lady Gaga’s yellow diamond jewelry from the Oscars just let us know! We have all of these items available for order and sale at our stores. And we would love to help you find the one for your collection. Bright and colorful gemstones are after all a collection’s best friend. And also the easiest way to make a statement with your jewelry. Whether it is for a wedding, gala or award ceremony event.

Want to buy fine jewelry like Lady Gaga’s yellow Tiffany diamond and yellow diamond earrings? Diamonds by Raymond Lee has a selection of gala jewelry

When it comes to a fabulous event, whether that be an award ceremony, gala, party, or even wedding we have all the jewelry you need. Unique and stunning statement pieces that are sure to dazzle as you dance the evening through. As a family company we have been providing our refined South Florida clientele with exquisite jewelry pieces for the past three decades. Our aim as always is to provide superior service and absolutely personal experiences. So whether you are looking for jewelry for a specific milestone or event or simply want to have a look at what is in store come visit us! Our diamond and jewel experts are here to walk you through every item down to its finest details. Much like the Tiffany diamond we have estate jewelry pieces that carry a long history with them. If that is the type of item you are looking for.

Some jewelry pieces even look quite similar to the Lady Gaga necklace she wore at the 2019 Oscars. As we have showcased in this blog piece we have earrings and large yellow diamond necklaces for you to bring a taste of the Tiffany & Co. celebrity jewelry with you. From Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga to you we work hard to bring unique pieces like these to South Florida. And we do not just add them to our collection either. We take meticulous care to inspect, test and ensure every item of fine jewelry in our stores are of the highest quality, and finest materials. Always of course using the latest in technology and techniques. We also offer select services. For example cleaning, maintenance and even repairs in the event it is necessary. Whatever your needs may be we are here to support you and help you find your ideal piece.

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