Jewelry Repair Boca Raton

Jewelry Repair Services Boca Raton

Jewelry Repair Services Boca Raton

Jewelry repair services aren’t usually the first thing people think of as their idea of a great time. And we get it – your prized jewelry is in need of repair, you have to find someone up to the job, you have to hope they’re trustworthy enough to do good work, and on top of all that, you’ve got to pay a pretty penny to get your jewelry back in wearable condition.

But what if there were another way?

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we think there is. While we can’t guarantee that your jewelry will never need repair, we do try to limit that occurrence by selling only the best, handmade luxury jewelry and custom creations. But we’re also jewelry owners (to the nth degree!) so we understand more than anyone: life happens. And when it does, we want our clientele and even those jewelry lovers who are meeting us for the first time to know where to turn for jewelry repair services.

At DBRL, we want our jewelry repair clients to feel totally at ease with us working on their jewelry. We always consult with every client about exactly what their jewelry needs are, provide clear cut estimates for repair and turnaround time, and have no problem with doting jewelry lovers checking in on their pieces. It’s why, when we built our state of the art jewelry repair workshop, we kept one of the walls open with a viewing window. We take transparency literally.

We also reject the notion that jewelry repairs are necessarily a huge expense. We pride ourselves on the quality of our master jewelers’ work, and we also aim to provide the most reasonable and fair prices for their skilled craft. We see jewelry repair as an investment, one that will take that beloved piece from languishing with a broken clasp in your jewelry box to back on your wrist where it belongs. But if the price tag on a simple repair like that is cost prohibitive, you’ll never get around to having that repair done! So we make our jewelry repair services always fair and always encouraging.

Whether you need a simple repair like the bracelet example above, or you need more extensive work on a rare or antique piece, we’ve got your covered. Our highly skilled master jewelers have over thirty years of experience and the best tools of the trade at their finger tips. Stop by our state of the art showroom in Boca Raton and let us get your favorite jewelry back in top notch condition.

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