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Jewelry Every Woman Should Own: The Cuff Bracelet

Jewelry Every Woman Should Own: The Cuff Bracelet

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One piece of jewelry every woman should own is a fabulous cuff. A cuff has more presence on the wrist than a classic tennis bracelet, or even a wristwatch, depending on the style. And style comes in spades with the cuff. This piece should have as much punch as your favorite cocktail ring, and is the perfect opportunity to add a luxury designer’s creation to your collection. If you admire Hermes, or Frank Gehry, or any other specific jewelry designer, the cuff is the ideal piece to snag. It stands on its own without necessitating an entire suite, so if you can splurge on (or have been saving for!) a specific cuff, you needn’t worry about coordinating necklace or earrings – a cuff is meant to stand on its own, in addition to mixing and matching with other cherished pieces of your collection.


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