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Spotlight on: Belle Epoque Jewelry

Spotlight on: Belle Epoque Jewelry

It came out of an era of elegance and beautiful things. Belle Epoque jewelry is a style that is historical yet still applicable in life today. The most beautiful jewelry pieces often reflect some of this signature style, and the popularization of this type of jewelry helped influence decades worth of rings, necklaces and bracelets for women.

Belle Epoque means the beautiful era, and this was the name given to this style in the country of France. Not far away in Great Britain, this same style was referred to as Edwardian. The historical time frame for this style is from about 1890 to 1915. This was a time period of opulence and elegance, where a person’s worth was worn on their body in the form of clothing made from expensive fabrics and ornate, beautiful, rare jewelry pieces.

Most pieces from the Belle Epoque era are going to contain a certain set of motifs. Expect to see a lot of ornate designs complete with swags of garland, beautiful bows, lace designs and foliage items incorporated into the pieces. Some antique jewelers will call these pieces Belle Epoque pieces while others might refer to them as Edwardian. For more information on your particular piece of jewelry, be sure to find out where it was crafted and what year it was made. This will tell you more about the antique you are about to purchase. If it was made in England, it will be an Edwardian piece — but a piece of jewelry crafted in France is truly a Belle Epoque work of art.

Belle Epoque antique pieces make an amazing gift for the loved one in your life who truly appreciates jewelry and art. These are rare finds, and some of the most beautiful jewelry every created was made during this era. It is a gift she won’t soon forget.

Catherine C for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.


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